Save 30 per cent on unique cruise

Star Clippers are offering up to 30 per cent off when you book a cruise before 31 January 2019 for Indonesia departures between 30 June and 29 September 2019.

Early booking prices start from $2740 per person and include all meals, accommodation onboard, water sports programme, shipboard gratuities and port charges.

Indonesian departures sail from Bali to a number of islands that are inaccessible to larger vessels. Here are some of the exceptional destinations on offer.

One of the first ports of call is Java – Indonesia’s fifth-largest island and home to around 130 million people. It is also home to a large number of fascinating geological and geographical features including 121 volcanoes, national parks, rainforests, and tea and rice plantations.

Komodo National Park
Situated on the island of Komodo, a visit to this national park will undoubtedly be the standout highlight of any Indonesia itinerary. The park was founded in 1980 with the aim of preserving the unique Komodo dragon and its natural habitat. Passengers on board cruises to this destination will have the option to embark on a short or medium trail in the company of professionally-trained park ranger.

Gili Islands
A series of minuscule islands make up the Gilis, which offer powdery white sand beaches which are lined with coconut palms, brushed by turquoise blue waters, and surrounded by coral reefs. These corals make for fabulous snorkelling and diving, and will certainly leave you with many happy memories.

Situated in an unbelievably tranquil spot, this village is covered by a barrier of mangroves and is home to a plethora of wildlife and marine species. There are no tourist facilities on the island, which further adds to the sense of authenticity and cultural insight. The Gilliteng beach is one of the finest in Indonesia and the untouched nature of the island makes it all the more special.

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Written by Ben