Trials for anti-ageing pills to commence this year

A molecule found in red wine could be the answer to anti-ageing.

Trials for anti-ageing pills to commence this year

Australian scientists have discovered a vitamin that helps repair cell damage caused by cancer and ageing – and it could be available in pill form by 2020.

The vitamin, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), repairs DNA damage. Tests conducted on middle-aged mice revealed that the vitamin helped them live 20 per cent longer and made them run faster.

“The cells of the old mice were indistinguishable from the young mice, after just one week of treatment,” said Professor David Sinclair of UNSW School of Medical Sciences and Harvard Medical School Boston.

“This is the closest we are to a safe and effective anti-ageing drug that’s perhaps only three to five years away from being on the market if the trials go well.”

Scientists are so confident in the drug that they are taking it themselves.

“I am using it, I’m not supposed to take it but I feel just fine, there are no side effects,” said University NSW scientist Dr Lindsay Wu. “I take it out of intellectual curiosity.”

Apart from these self-administered ‘unofficial’ trials, human trials will commence this year in the hope that the drug will be on the market by 2020.

The substance was discovered as part of research into helping reverse accelerated ageing caused by cosmic radiation in astronauts on the planned mission to Mars in 2025. It was identified as a result of research into the life extending qualities of resveratrol – a molecule found in red wine.

Here on earth, it is hoped that a medicine can be created to help overcome the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer radiotherapy. However, it could also be developed to help resist the ageing process, treat type 2 diabetes and restore lost vision. It may also help to fight obesity.

A Japanese study of the vitamin revealed that, when given to mice, they gained less weight with ageing even when they consumed more food.

When clinical trials are complete, it will most likely be produced to help cancer patients, not as a fountain-of-youth elixir.

“The big problem is that regulatory authorities don’t recognise ageing as a disease even though you lose memory, you lose movement and it gives you cancer,” said Dr Wu.

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Would you take a risk on medicine that promised longer life? Or are you happy to age naturally?



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    Dave R
    24th Mar 2017
    Certainly makes one or two glasses of red wine a day even more appealing.

    24th Mar 2017
    Yes, I would take medication that assists with the aging process. The trials have only looked at the benefits associated with replacing cells which cannot be replaced because of the aging process. There have been no trials associated with cosmetic changes so the medication is purely to do with health. If it reduces my chance of cancer or other illnesses, it must be a good thing. I, and I'm sure others, would not want to live longer unless the quality of life is maintained.
    24th Mar 2017
    If the ageing process and all its associated illness could be prevented or stopped all the drug companies, medical professions and beauty industries could be put out of business.
    24th Mar 2017
    Hi Old Man,
    I already take a natural supplement that is proven to reduce cellular damage, hence is anti-aging as cellular damage is what causes aging!
    When cells are overrun with free radical damage (free radicals are unavoidable as they are a by-product of breathing oxygen, digesting food, exercise, pollution etc,etc) we can end up with cellular Oxidative Stress, which is linked to over 200 diseases and conditions including Cancer, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's (refer
    This very affordable supplement is proven to reduce Oxidative Stress dramatically! (peer-reviewed studies are also in
    This supplement is completely safe, extremely researched and the subject of many clinical trials held by universities and research centres world wide. I'm 57, sleep like a baby, have no aches and pains and amazing energy!
    26th Mar 2017
    Please share the name of the supplement, Polly. I would love to reduce cellular damage and also sleep like a baby.
    Ted Wards
    24th Mar 2017
    Ageing is a gift that not everyone gets blessed with.
    24th Mar 2017
    I have been taking high dose B3 nicotinamide for around 7 months. Prescribed by my Doc. I know there are a lot of people on it now because the pharmacies are continually out of stock. I have noticed a difference in my skin appearance but more importantly a remarkable change in my bloodwork. When people tell me how good I look I notice a slight look of amazement in their expression. I don't get asked if I would like a pensioner discount now.
    24th Mar 2017
    Interestingly if Donald Trump was not cosmetically enhanced I think the voters would have seen him for the old man that he is. It is not just the outside that ages.
    Athletes are not allowed to have performance enhancing drugs - should politicians?
    24th Mar 2017
    Not everything is about Donald Trump is it? Gee he did a great job selling himself. People must go to sleep at night dreaming of him?
    24th Mar 2017
    Imagine how crowded & more polluted the world will get ! By the time its released probably too late. And unless it also fixes Rhuematoid, etc not sure I want to go "extra time ". Also world will be a better place without out a few I could think of ! And probably only the rich will be able to afford it - like most things ! ! Know people now aalready suffering because they cant afford the drugs they need.
    24th Mar 2017
    And Supernan, imagine if some of those who get to live a little longer are the dedicated scientists who are discovering new ways to attack our illnesses. Maybe a cure for Rheumatoid?
    24th Mar 2017
    Hi Supernan,
    There is already an affordable, natural product that is giving Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers (as well as sufferers of many other conditions linked to Oxidative Stress) great relief from their symptoms by reducing their cellular oxidative stress. And this product has been proven by the U.S. National Institute of Aging to increase the lifespan of mice by 7% (interestingly in this same 10 year study Resveratrol did not have any positive result!)
    This product has 23 peer-reviewed studies published in!
    Unheard of for a natural product.
    Be cautious of taking large doses of vitamins as this can be toxic!
    24th Mar 2017
    That's right, Frank, Nicotinamide is simply Vitamin B3. There is no need to wait until 2020. Just start taking B3 now.

    Scientists add the chemical mononucleotide to it so they can market it and make money.
    24th Mar 2017
    My skin specialist recommended Niacinamide & I have been taking it for 6 weeks.
    24th Mar 2017
    Frank and Shirboy. What is the dose of B3 nicotinamide you are taking?
    24th Mar 2017
    I have just discovered after reading this when I checked the ingredients on the vitamin bottle that I take (women's ultivite) that I have been getting 50mg of nicotinamide for about 20 years. That depends on whether or not it has been in the formula for all that time. I have a permanent injury but I don't have the other health problems of aging like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and my cholesterol is the lowest reading. My hair is not going brittle like other women my age, I don't have eye problems either other than short sighted from birth but I am told at my eye exams that it is gradually improving and I only need new glasses scripts once in a blue moon to decrease the correction. In a couple of years I won't legally have to wear glasses to drive. So maybe it works? I am also vegan so my doc has always attributed my good heath to that.
    24th Mar 2017
    500mg twice daily. Be warned, there are some vitamins you can overdose on. Consult your Doctor.
    26th Mar 2017
    Thanks, Frank. This gives me a good starting point on how much B3 to take.
    26th Mar 2017
    Mary, not all B3 contains nicotinimide. Some have niacin. Nicotinic acid. I'm surprised all older people are not taking both? We have had 80 years of human testing, however, the more recent advances in Gnome , DNA understanding have produced more consistent data.

    I think there is some factual evidence in what Steven Hawking has said. "Within 30 years, computers will have found a way to either make us live forever, or kill us off."

    Mary, in modern human history we stand at the frontier of a new age, a change which will occur in a nano second by comparison.
    People laughed at Joe Hockey when he said, "the 150 year old person has already been born."
    I'm pleased that today we have medical practioners who don't see their role as drug pushers.
    24th Mar 2017
    This sounds like the next advertisement for a new miracle product. I won't be buying it.
    24th Mar 2017
    So Polly if your product is already on the market why so secretive about the name. Even the scientists associated with this new 'vitamin' have given the name of it and it isn't even available yet.
    25th Mar 2017
    Ha. Sounds like a magic bullet.

    I already enjoy the anti-ageing effects of L.I.F.E. (Lypohilized Indigenous Food Essentials) which is made up of 14 Australian wild foods and 12 other conventional superfoods that have been shown to contain micro-nutrients that do much of what NMN is reported to do.

    Work at the CSIRO Human Nutrition Division showed that one of the wild foods stopped fat cells from maturing and reduced fat storage. How's that as a way to maintain an ideal weight?

    The micro-nutrients in LIFE also curb carbohydrate cravings and cut the taste drive for sweetness. You get more energy as your circulation improves and nutrients get to the brain, muscles and all your organs.

    In regards to DNA, LIFE contains trehalose, also known as Resurrection Sugar and this is a good sugar that is antioxidant, helps cell signalling (making skin younger) and protects the end caps or telomeres on our DNA strands.

    The solution to ageing and all the diseases of nutrition is already available. No need to wait for this supposed magic bullet. We have a magic arsenal now and it is backed by a host of scientific research data and 60,000 years of 'clinical trials'.
    28th May 2017
    Just because it works on mice not guarantee it will work on humans. Just another money spinner. All the skin care companies say the same thing, we can make you look younger if you buy our products, and people still believe it and fork out millions of dollars for false hope. Try keeping your body in an alkaline state rather than keep filling it with acid forming food.

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