Scientists link sugar and cancer

Your sweet tooth could be killing you.

That’s what Belgian scientists now believe after making a research breakthrough in the relationship between sugar and cancer, shedding further light on how cancer develops.

Johan Thevelein, Wim Versées and Veerle Janssens began researching the ‘Warburg Effect’ in 2008. The Warburg Effect is what happens when energy that occurs through the rapid breakdown of glucose fuels tumour cells.

The research team found that yeast with high levels of glucose overstimulate mutated proteins found inside tumours. This makes cancerous cells grow faster.

The team published its findings in Nature Communications on Friday.

“This link between sugar and cancer has sweeping consequences. Our results provide a foundation for future research in this domain, which can now be performed with a much more precise and relevant focus,” said Johan Thevelein.

While the revelation is considered a breakthrough, it doesn’t identify the primary cause of the Warburg Effect, nor that eating a low-sugar diet could prevent or change a cancer diagnosis.

Will this change your diet? How much sugar is in your daily diet? Do you have any alternative sweeteners that you can recommend to our members?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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