Security issues a major concern

Cybercrime figures are at an all time high and still growing

Two weeks ago 35,000 customers of Telstra owned websites Bigpond GameArena and Game Shop had their information hacked. This week it is 6,458,020 LinkedIn users. We should all be seriously concerned.

LinkedIn took six hours to look into an issue they didn’t know existed until the Russian hacker posted the data on a website to ‘brag’ about the theft. LinkedIn is the 12th most visited website in the world. How many other websites that you belong to have been hacked and the companies simply have no idea?

So who really is to blame? Should we be surprised that a website as large as LinkedIn was hacked? Personally, it doesn’t really surprise me. There is always someone else smarter than the person who created the system who can figure a way through the security. All that we can do is learn from this and go forward cautiously.

Cybercrime figures are at an all time high and growing significantly year on year. So what can you do to give yourself a fighting chance online? The first thing you need to do is NOT use the same password on every website. The data hacked from the LinkedIn database would not just have included passwords, but also the email address used to signup by the user. How many of you use the same password for your email account? Now ask yourself how many online transactions have gone through to your email account? If you take anything from this blog post, make sure it is that your email account needs to have a standalone password at the very minimum to protect yourself going forward.

More information
To find out more read the news article 6.5 million LinkedIn Passwords hacked.


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    7th Jun 2012
    why do you have this guy...???
    mad and a bit stupid...could he just do something real...and useful
    24th Jun 2012
    That's just rude, doclisa. I have found him extremely helpful in the past.

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