Australians are self-medicating against dementia and stress

Australians are using video games to deal with health issues such as stress and dementia.

Self-medicating against dementia

According to a new survey of 3135 individuals, Australians are using video games daily to deal with health issues such as stress and dementia.

The Digital Australia report produced by Bond University and the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association and has found that people of all ages are turning to video games to keep their mind active. The average of the those surveyed was 34, and of those involved aged 65 and over, 43 per cent said they played video games.

Around 90 per cent of survey respondents believed video games could increase mental stimulation, while 80 per cent thought it could fight dementia and 59 per cent said it helped them to manage pain.

“Even simple games like Words With Friends or Scrabble on your mobile phone provide the perception that you are engaging and are ‘exercising’ your brain – which neuroscience suggests is an effective mechanism to help mitigate mental health-related conditions,” said Dr Brett Wilkinson of Flinders University.

The survey revealed that the most quoted reason for respondents aged 50 to play video games was to pass time and to keep their minds active. Lesser contributing factors were to have fun, relax and be challenged.

Do you play video games? If so, what is your motivation? Do you believe that video games are improving your mind and lowering your stress levels?



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    1st Aug 2017
    We took up old time new vogue dancing as a physical social form of fitness. We have made so many friends, and now we travel dancing at various venues. It keeps us fit and mobile and learning new dances keeps dementia at bay and its a wonderful social outlet as well. Plus its gets us away from sitting infront of the TV all day.
    1st Aug 2017
    Fabulous. Good for you!
    2nd Aug 2017
    mike, we also took up new vogue ballroom dancing. Great way to meet people. I also picked up my guitar and play with a group a few hours a week and practice a half hour a day. Also taking German lessons.

    The quizzes and puzzles on this website also keep us busy for about an hour and a half every day. Along with visiting or entertaining friends we wonder how we ever went to work.
    1st Aug 2017
    I do hope the Bond University failed that student. I wonder how the student obtained that information - FB monkey survey.
    Do a reality check and just visit a retirement home. Good grief.
    1st Aug 2017
    I know people who do play scrabble online and in the community. Prefer to read and do quizzes to keep my mind active. Each to his own
    2nd Aug 2017
    You have to keep learning to keep the mind active and best way is to really mix it up. Next time you have a problem work out a solution before calling an expert and then you will know if they know their stuff and they will have trouble ripping you off as they will have to fully explain what they are doing etc.

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