Save space with these inexpensive kitchen organisation tips

Seven tips to save time and space in your kitchen.

organised kitchen

Having trouble finding the right lid or tray? Are your cupboard shelves a mess? Need help organising your kitchen? These seven tips will save you time and space in the kitchen.

1. Hang a corkboard inside your cupboard
A simple corkboard hung inside your cupboard or pantry door can save a lot of shelf and drawer space. Using small hooks or map pins, you can hang measuring spoons, cooking utensils or other lightweight objects and save space elsewhere.

2. Put a curtain rod under your sink
Sometimes the area under your kitchen sink is difficult to organise and all the plumbing in the way can waste a lot of space. By installing a curtain rod underneath your sink, you can hang spray bottles and with the use of a plastic measuring jug (with an open handle) you can even store hand soap, sponges and other paraphernalia.

3. Make a utensil rack
With a strip of wood and some plumping pipe clips, you can easily whip up a utensil rack that will clear the clutter in your drawers and or from a countertop.

4. Keep a cutting board over the sink
If you need some extra bench space, why not pop a cutting board over your sink’s drying area? It also makes it easy to clean up after a veggie cutting spree.

5. Use a pocket organiser
Shoe pocket organisers are inexpensive and a handy way to store items inside your cupboard doors. Or, if you can sew, you could make one yourself.

6. Magazine racks to hold pans
Repurpose magazine holders to vertically store oven trays, lids and cooling racks in your cupboard, pantry or benchtop. Not only will it save you space, but it will also be less frustrating find the right one.

7. Use screws under your bench
A packet of screw hooks will set you back a few dollars, but the amount of space you’ll save by being able to hang up some items will help to declutter your cupboards and pot drawers? Priceless.

Do you have any space saving tips for the kitchen?



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    16th Aug 2017
    Only need done simple rule - DECLUTTER

    You dont need half the crap you have collected over the years

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