Shortest ever Oscar-nominated film

We bet you’ve never seen guacamole made like this before. The shortest movie ever to be nominated for an Oscar is a 100-second dedication to the art of making guacamole.

Using stop-motion technology, Fresh Guacamole by director PES is a unique visual treat. Instead of using typical ingredients, the film uses unusual objects as stand-ins. A green grenade avocado cut in half and twisted open reveals a billiard ball pit. A red pincushion is chopped up to become diced tomato (or tomato dice!). And the juice of a freshly squeezed golf ball gives the dip some zest.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and give this short video a watch. With over 47 million YouTube views under its belt, it’s a delicious watch.

And if you liked what you saw, PES’s Western Spaghetti is also mouth-wateringly good.


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Written by ameliath


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