12th Aug 2011
Should Bert marry Ernie?
Author: YourLifeChoices

In the week when Finance Minister Penny Wong and her partner Sophie Allouache have announced they are expecting their first child, is it time for Australia to accept same-sex relationships as the norm and allow men and women to marry who they choose?

Even children’s perennial favourite television show, Sesame Street, is being used to highlight the issue of same-sex marriage. For over 30 years Bert and Ernie have lived together, sleeping in separate beds, and the nature of their relationship has long been questioned by the viewing public.

A petition has been started by the creators of Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie tie the knot on television and, as you would expect, this has caused uproar with many right-wing and Christian groups. But really, who cares? I don’t say this flippantly; if you are deprived of the basic human right to marry the person you love, you would care deeply. It’s simply time for society to stop worrying what’s going on in other people’s lives and let two consenting adults live and love as they choose.

Do you agree? Should a person have the legal right to enter into a civil partnership with another person of their choice?


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    12th Aug 2011
    Do NOT agree
    12th Aug 2011
    In an age when many hetero-sexual couples do NOT marry it is quite absurd to make a big deal out of same sex couples who DO want to marry..... Peter.
    12th Aug 2011
    DO NOT agree with 'Marriage'. Calling it just about anything else is prfobably OK -- but not 'Marriage'. AND, BTW, I heard that the creators of the program refuted any suggestion that they marry.
    12th Aug 2011
    Let's stop clouding the big picture with changes to suit a few noisy groups pushing their own topic. Too many more important things that affect the majority of people to go off on a tangent.
    And Your Life Choices need to assist in that and not look for a distraction. We have Rupert for that.
    12th Aug 2011
    Why should there even be a discussion about this. I would like to see the first GOOD reason why gay people should not be allowed to marry. Marriage is a promise between two people to look after one another, THAT'S ALL. Procreation is either possible or not, some choose not to have children, others adopt children. But having children is NOT the ESSENTAIL part of a marriage. All reasons against gay marriages are religion-based and it may surprise some, but not all people in this country are following a religion.
    17th Aug 2011
    Rubbish. The man with the dictionary elsewhere in this forum, put it quite well. We don't need to redefine words with time honoured meanings. We need to realign behaviours that are against nature. Marriage is between one man and one woman, it is intended for companionship and mutual support. It is by definition heterosexual and monogamous. Therefore, marriage doesn't belong to those who want to practice homosexuality. We didn't refine heterosexual, neither should we redefine marriage.

    Find another term for your union between two people of the same sex and don't bother legalising it because that is an inappropriate step towards legitimising it. It opens the way to adoption, and denies the unfortunate child to natural role models, this is the gay lobby's real agenda.

    Additionally, I want you to understand that many of those in the homosexual community aren't monogamous, they are in fact frequently promiscuous. In fact many homosexuals don't want marriage to be defined to mean "limited to just two people".

    Marriage has been defined, it works, so hands off.
    12th Aug 2011
    To have Bert
    12th Aug 2011
    I do agree that gay people have the right to enter a civil partnership for the sake of inheritance, superannuation etc but I do not believe that they should have the right to get married and have children. It flies in the face of everything Christian as I see it. As far as Ernie and Bert, they have been around a lot longer than 30 years and when my kids started watching Sesame Street, this problem never arose. It was a much more innocent world back then and we took things on face value. Not today though, oh no - let's dirty up everything - Noddy and Big Ears included. I think it is a worse world today than yesteryear but that is just my opinion.
    15th May 2012
    I agree totally with your comments jennyya. I hate it when all the childrens shows and stories eg Noddy- get tainted with this rubbish. Most toys are just that -no sex involved. Marriage is not the term for gay couples and should never be.
    12th Aug 2011
    There are more important things to discuss unless of course you are gay.
    If it is so important to them it is their business not mine.
    I have been married twice - not all its cracked up to be in my opinion.
    But we should all have the right to be miserable if we want.
    Actual Cat
    9th Feb 2012
    Ha! Sara, you have a good sense of humour and I hope you're no longer miserably wed!
    12th Aug 2011
    Personally I find it strange that on the one hand we have people saying marriage isn't important after all "it's just a piece of paper" and on the other hand it's become increasingly important that society accept same-sex marriage. Seems to me there is a contradiction there in society.
    12th Aug 2011
    I don't think people should be discriminated against because of their sexual persuasion. I believe in personal freedom so gays should be allowed to tie the knot if that is what they want.
    12th Aug 2011
    I am in two minds about what the 'gay' community are calling Marriage or what the think it should include. Regarding superannuation etc I feel that yes there should be some legally binding way for these type of things to pass from one to another But if they want marriage do they accept the same obligations as a hetrosexual couple regarding divorce child support property settlements the time of seperation before a divorce can tke place support of a partner in times of sickness or un-employment I feel that if divorce or seperation was as hard to achieve for a gay couple as it is for hetrosexual couple there would be a lot less desire for true marriage than there is going on at present
    12th Aug 2011
    YES YES YES. Yes to full legal marriage, with all the legal entitlements, whatnots and responsibilities that go with it, including divorce and property/custody settlements. Why are we even discussing this? It's a basic human right to be able to marry the person you love - end of story, IMHO
    12th Aug 2011
    Time to grow up. There was a time when Christians could not marry another religion, when women could not have access to their own children or money after marriage, women could not own land, women could not vote, get a divorce. The struggle for 'inter marriage' ( faith and race) was long and hard. Time to grow up and be apart of history. It is rightly called 'Marriage Equality' and if you don't agree with it you should be ashamed. What on earth are you frightened of? If you don't want a 'gay' marriage then for heavens sake DON"T HAVE ONE but don't deny the right of other human citizens of the world.
    12th Aug 2011
    As far as we all know--it was Adam and Eve according to the christian history and there is
    NO EVIDENCE of an Adam and Steve or Lizzie and Eve! If history should be wrong than we
    all would not be here ok, clear enough for the sane people on this rotten planet!
    13th Aug 2011
    As far as i am concernerd it is not natural for same sex relationship i may be a bit old fashioned but as far as i am concerned Penny Wong and her dike friend as well as all the other same sex people should be ship off to some where else so we do not have to associate with them they are sick and should be treated like a sick animal and put down
    13th Aug 2011
    The Bible says that we were all created in the image of God. But we were also his chosen species, as he gave us the ability to reason. Surely in this day and age, we should allow people to follow their own path in life. As a Christian, and a father of two boys, one Gay and the other straight, I want happiness for them both, nor do I love one less than the other.
    There are far more important matters that we should be taking up we here in Australia. I vote for happiness and good community, for everone.
    13th Aug 2011
    We are as God made us,members of my family are gay, and I love them the same as I love the rest of my family. The ignorance of some people is unbelieveable. Do you think someone would deliberately choose to be different? Read "Why men don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps" or one of the many books available, if you want to learn the truth. I dare you!
    Chevy Chase
    13th Aug 2011
    If adults enjoy having sex with their friends, partners, sisters or dogs, as long as they don't harm anyone else, then that's their business. However, children are not pets to be used in social experiments in redefining the institution of marriage. They are vulnerable individuals with vital emotional and developmental needs. The great harm done by denying them both a mother and a father in a committed marriage will not easily be reversed, and society will pay a high price for accepting this trendy, abnormal behaviour. Capitulating to the gay parade's relentless drive to break down the norms of society will result in our children living in a more screwed up world of increased incest, promiscuity, "marital" breakups, and sexual deviance. "Pity the little children."
    13th Aug 2011
    The argument is nonsense.

    Marriage in our society has always been understood and accepted to mean an exclusive relationship between one man and one woman. I find it unacceptable that those who wish to practice something other than this want it redefined to mean something else. Those who want society to accept marriage to mean something else, have other motives, viz. the legitimisation of their choice, the adoption of children, the use of tax payer funded money to use the IVF program, splitting of superannuation on separation etc.

    Call it what you want, it won't be marriage and it won't make our society a better place either. When the gay lobby get their way, they'll just find some other way to try to make the rest of us to accept the unacceptable.
    13th Aug 2011
    Well if we look at it from another point of view, in time the human race as we know it will die out. Maybe that's what it's all about. The different nations of the world have been flauting the rules and revelling in disobedience since BC. They all were eventually destroyed. Please to all the same sex people out there, stop saying God approves, he doesn't you know. At this point in time we do have free will. God does love his creation, not necessarily what it does. We are not stronger than the creator, just much more arrogant. Because you can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't there. If you must indulge yourselves please leave the kids out of it they have enough to put up as it is.
    15th May 2012
    Gay couples still have children via IVF,surrogacy and self impregnation -using donor sperm. So having children will pose no problems. Look at Penny Wong. I am not anti gay as long as they don't bother me .
    maris song
    13th Aug 2011
    If we keep thinking with a twisted mind without morals then how far are we before we start seeing people marry their own pets because they LOVE them. If it is all about LOVE/RIGHTS then they also have the RIGHT to marry their Pets because they LOVE them. There are only two sexes, a male and a female and the two will never twine and their purpose in life is to procreate and fill the earth. Yes everyone should have equal rights and share all the benefits but things have to be placed in their right places. A Gay couple having a child is simply selfish because they deprieve the child of a TRUE family. Giving the child a better life in exchange for a mon or a dad is extremely selfish. If the child grows up and recents/dislikes his situation, can you imagine the trauma he/she would go through because he can't be ungrateful to those who raised them and gave them a better life.... If the gays want to live together let them be but marriage is a bond between a man and a woman and let no man put that asunder. I have a gay son and I love him very much and I want him to be happy. He currently has a partner and I have accepted him into the family but I don't want them to desecrate the sanctity of marriage. Call it "Gayriage" or whatever but not marriage.
    14th Aug 2011
    It may be a surprise to some, but did they ever wonder why males are made one way and women another way? It is for procreation of the species. Three different dictionaries define marriage as "the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments", "the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law", "a legally accepted relationship between a woman and a man in which they live as husband and wife, or the official ceremony which results in this", and so far this country has not recognized the legal marriage of same sex couples and I hope we never do. It's totally repugnant and makes a mockery of those people who have been married for years and those who enter marriage as a man/woman relationship as it has always been understood to mean. If gay people want to "legalize" their relationship, let them have some other form of legally binding commitment. All the "great" civilizations of the world failed when immorality and corruption became rampant and war mongers raped and pillaged more peaceable civilizations. The Greek
    14th Aug 2011
    Meanings of words in dictionaries are constantly rewritten. Gay used to mean happy. Now it has a second meaning: homosexual. Just because the dictionary currently states that marriage is a union between a man and woman, in 20 years time this will no longer be the case.... sorry!
    14th Aug 2011
    PS Is this another shit stir from Kaye????? Joolsy.
    14th Aug 2011
    Although it has no personal effect on me, I firmly believe gay people who love each other should be able to marry.

    This is something I've worked for for over 50 years, ever since I started university and realised the enormous discrimination my friends who were gay had to face every day of their lives.

    Discrimination shames us all-everyone has the right to be accepted.

    Thank you, Kaye, for bring this subject up.

    15th Aug 2011
    Photo jennyya
    12th Aug 2011
    I do agree that gay people have the right to enter a civil partnership for the sake of inheritance, superannuation etc but I do not believe that they should have the right to get married and have children. It flies in the face of everything Christian as I see it. As far as Ernie and Bert, they have been around a lot longer than 30 years and when my kids started watching Sesame Street, this problem never arose. It was a much more innocent world back then and we took things on face value. Not today though, oh no - let's dirty up everything - Noddy and Big Ears included. I think it is a worse world today than yesteryear but that is just my opinion.

    Also mine.

    I do NOT agree that they should be able to marry or have kids--and as far as this Bert and Ernie thing--it is a disgrace that they brain wash kids in this way.

    I have a friend that is Gay and I respect that she was maybe born this way ??? However it is still very unnatural IMO (and I might add in hers too) I also think the Gay Mardi is a disgrace and should not be allowed. If Hetros did this they would be arrested, if someone is Gay then let them get on with their way of life BUT don't ram it down our throats.

    As far as Marriage is concerned I say NO--because Marriage is between a Man and a Woman
    15th Aug 2011
    I don't agree with same sex marriages. Why do same sex people have to get "married" when most of them have been living together for years? What is wrong with using the word "partner", a term that is used now whether it is a marriage between a man and a woman or a same sex couple living together? Does Penny Wong and her partner now pregnant make her different to any other women? Women were designed to have babies. Therefore Wong and her partner are seen by some as something "special", when there isn't anything really special about the whole deal. Maybe the Australian Constitution, Section 51 (xxi) Marriage, needs to be clearly defined as to what marriage really means. In 1901, I'm sure Marriage didn't mean a marriage between two homosexuals.
    16th Aug 2011
    Motherof3 I do know language evolves over the years - gay also has another meaning to the teenagers of today - "that's gay" also means something is dumb or stupid. I still believe, as does the vast majority of Australians, that "marriage" means a union between a man and a woman. It's just a very strident minority that wants same sex "marriage" legalized. Our PM has already said "NO" loud
    18th Jul 2012
    Where on earth did all this rubbish about Erie and Bert come from. For goodness sake it's a childrens innocent programme where two mates happened to lived together. Does that mean that all blokes or girls that share the same home are gay? Seems some people have very warped minds and very little to do with their time. As for gay couples having children, if they can produce them without the help of a third person then I say go for it because they will make the headlines and history.
    23rd Feb 2013
    What a thing to put online in the first place...I have nt met a gay yet who says he wants to be gay and I have one in my family..they seem to to be wanting to opt out of society some of em and avoid what the generations have been adoing lol finding a lad or a lass and settling down to raise their brood....werent they good days......and memories to be made too......They got it on B and Beautiful now...is that to not be discrim inating....what a pity.....I love that show and now its no better than all the rest...Gays will never cease but this publicising things aint my cup a tea anyway..well do you want to hear what all of us been adoing then I don`t really think so it would be much to boring.......

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