Should you buy a refurbished iPad?

You may have heard that you can save a lot on technology by purchasing refurbished devices, but are they trustworthy? Ryan explains what are they and if they’re worth it.

Typically, refurbished devices are devices that have been returned to their manufacturer and repaired. They might have been have malfunctioning, demo models, or simply returned due to change of mind. The manufacturer has then replaced the faulty components (if any) and thoroughly tested the device.

The company that manufactured the device usually repairs and resells the refurbished device, however, third parties sometimes sell refurbished devices. Unfortunately, as there is no regulation on reselling refurbished electronic devices in Australia, buying a refurbished device from somewhere other than the original manufacturer can be troublesome.

While you may be able to buy a refurbished device from another store at a much greater discount than from the original manufacturer, you should ensure that the device comes with a warranty. It’s simply impossible to know how thoroughly they have tested and repaired the device, so you should make sure you’re protected.

However, if you purchase an ‘Apple Certified Refurbished’ device directly from Apple, you can buy with a greater sense of confidence. Apple offers a one-year warranty on refurbished devices, the same as brand new devices. Refurbished iPads also come with new batteries and outer shells, so it’s nearly the same as a brand new device. The only difference you’re likely to notice is the plain box, which is likely a security measure to prevent people reselling them as brand new devices.  

Because of the higher quality products, the savings are significantly reduced when buying directly from Apple, but you can still save a couple of hundred dollars for a product of almost identical quality.

Have a look at Apple’s refurbished devices here.

Have you ever purchased a refurbished device? Would you go for the less expensive option of a third party seller?

Written by ryanbo


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