26th Oct 2012

Simple apple slice

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Sarah has shared with us her perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea – a quick and easy apple slice that’s good for the hips.


1 350g packet of no-brand vanilla cake mix

1 cup desiccated coconut

125g butter, melted

400g can apple pieces

300g light sour cream

1 teaspoon cinnamon sugar


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a 20cm square cake pan and line base with baking paper. Combine cake mix, coconut and butter in a medium bowl and press mixture evenly into the base of the pan. Cook for about 15 minutes or until the base is slightly brown. Spread apple evenly over the base, then spread the sour cream over the apple. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and cook for a further 20 minutes until the sour cream has set. Cool in the pan until base is firm.

To serve, cut the slice into small squares. Enjoy!

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8th Dec 2011
this slice is delicious eveybody I feed it to loves it, I add a dash of crushed cloves to the apple and a spoon of sugar, it is so easy to make and foolproof. I also made it with a tin of drained apricot halves and it was lovely. thanks
2nd Jun 2015
i also add cloves to the apple as well as cinnamon; and put nutmeg on the top of the sour cream which i mix with an egg like Bubbles. it also works with fresh apple slices
30th Dec 2011
I think it would still have a fair few calories in this, I have been making it a long time, but although I love it I think in the Cake mix and cream there may a problem.
1st Jan 2012
I agree Sylvia, I dont think it would be good for the hips, if you ate it a lot, as it has lots of butter in the base and sour cream, but it is delicious and everything in moderation is my motto, I save it for special occassions.
6th Apr 2012
White flour is more of a problem than all he tea in China as far as health
is concerned
22nd Oct 2014
this is very true i agree. and also the quality of flour we are getting these days are always that good either.
1st Aug 2012
I made it and it is lovely.
21st Sep 2012
I absolutely agree with some of the other comments. This recipe is NOT good for the hips. I have been making it for years though and it IS delicious. I find that a lot of your recipes which you feature, that the words "healthy", "good for the hips" etc are used when the recipes clearly are NOT necessarily healthy/good for the hips. It's a little irresponsible perhaps to infer that. I hope you take this comment as it is intended and that is as constructive criticism.
14th Aug 2013
Honey, I totally agree with you. There is no way this recipe is good for the hips or stomach area. I have found a lot of recipes here that are supposed to be healthy are far from it. Anything made with flour especially white flour and sugar should always be eaten only occasionally.
29th Jul 2013
Could you make this with part Wholemeal SR Flour ?
Does anybody have any good Gluten Free Recipes please ?
14th Aug 2013
There are loads of gluten free recipes online. Just do a Google search.....
24th Sep 2013
Bluebell it is quite simple to get gluten free flour in most supermarkets. Although it does not help with the Cake Mix whether branded or not. Another tip is to use Lemon flavoured cake mix - nothing to do with gluten free.
23rd Oct 2014
It does if you have a special app. in your phone which scans and advises you whether or not it has gluten in it including those which have the ingredient on the packaging as a different name.
We have now found that Gluten Free flours are better than others, depending on what you are actually making
24th Sep 2013
I made this slice with gramma and it was delicious yummyyy. I have never cooked grammar before and was told it can be mushy so I decided to steam it with skin on and scrape it out after, perfect!! the recipe I got from the net had sultanas,lemon juice and zest I used limes and brown sugar cinnamon spices it was DELIC everybody loved it evne my old expert gramma pie cook neighbour
24th Sep 2013
I hate gramma but believe you if you like it, as my cook has made it with pineapple and apricot and several types of fruit as available.
25th Sep 2013
Thanks Unicorn Im glad you believe me, Im not accustomed to telling furffies !! your cook, you have a cook ??? what tha??
25th Sep 2013
I am sorry Pretty Bird but I am a disabled person, it does not stop me from thinking merely cooking so I luckily have a couple of nice people who cook for me. My husband does the day to day cooking but he balks a bit at most cakes, which is more fool him as he loves gramma pie & only once has he scored it.
26th Sep 2013
Lucky you Unicorn to have such lovely people around to look after you. Im sure you appreciate that. My husband also does most of the cooking, very basic meat and 4 vegies, very healthy,,but we don't cook or eat a lot of cakes etc , as they are not good for us, but a treat now and again is nice.
26th Sep 2013
These people are very special and mean a lot to me naturally I don't eat ,uch meat & really neithe of us do I much prefer veges but I also like my sweets and don't eat very much really having two meals per day maximum and some days only one usually on Fridays which is my day out.
15th Oct 2013
I made this recently with a tin of 'Pie Peaches' It turned out beautifully. Guests ate the lot.
As for putting weight on, well if you are so greedy to eat more than one slice, serves you right! You are as bad as my husband when watching me make jam. "All that Sugar" Yes but you only eat a spoonful on your bread at a time!!
15th Oct 2013
Exactly my thoughts too as not what you eat but how much after all it is like my husband used to ret to cook fruits without any sugar, YUK it took me a while to teach him that a little sugar goes a long way.
24th Mar 2014
The slice is yum. I'm not about to grizzle about hips and tum. One piece occasionally won't really impact on any one of us unless one has a serious allergy condition. It's something to share with grandkids, friends and neighbors.
18th Apr 2014
We have all been told that if you have the cake or other treat, you need to do some extra exercise. Can't say though that I ever remember that happening after eating at a party or afternoon tea. :)
28th Apr 2014
We have been making this apple slice receipt for years, we mix 1 egg with the sour cream and pour on top it is lovely.
29th May 2015
I have had some of this last weekend Now folk your not going to eat it every week only on special occasion and only a small slice BUT it is good to have this one up your sleeve to IMPRESS GUESTS yes moderation at all times
why do we have to deprive ourselves of a lovely slice occasionally

7th Sep 2015
The problem is packet of vanilla cake mix :p The recipe seems to be not very hard. Thank you for sharing. I thinks I should bookmark it for the next shopping :) buy ingredients. Have a nice day
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6th Jan 2016
i feel sorry for those who, while thinking of their hips, said quite politely, "No Thank You, I'm watching my figure" to the offerings from the sweets trolley on the Titanic.
13th Dec 2017
Good for building bigger hips! I make this, but I substitute Greek Yogurt for the Sour Cream - cuts a lot of calories. It is an easy and delicious slice. As Pretty Bird says - everything in moderation! (Everything in moderation, including moderation is my motto) :-)

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