Simple steps to slimmer thighs

Exercise buffs always seem to focus on core strength and six-pack abs, but your legs are often overlooked. Today, we show you three simple steps to slimmer thighs courtesy of fitness guru Emily Skye.

Deep squat
Keeping your chest upright and using your body weight as resistance, lower your bottom towards the ground. Go as low as you can go and then rise again. You can also use household objects for extra weights. Perform 15 repetitions then move on to the next exercise.

Glute lunge
Remember watching those old movies where the leading lady would curtsy to a gentleman? Well that’s a less energetic way to describe the movement you are about to perform. To do a glute lunge, step your leg backwards at an angle (as shown in the video) then bend your knee so it almost touches the ground. Do this on both sides of your body for 20 repetitions.

Side lunge push-off
Again, keeping your chest upright, lunge your leg to the side and bend your knee. Then push back to the other side, lifting your foot off the ground. Then land and repeat the movement on the other side of your body. Do this 15 times, then rest.

Start by doing these exercises one time through, then work your way up to doing this three times per day. You’ll have slimmer thighs in no time!

For an easy visual reference, here’s a video of the exercises.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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