Something good happened…

This is for everyone who’s feeling too jaded to open the newspaper. They might not be making your usual gloomy headlines, but these news stories will make you smile.

Shoppers with autism offered a quiet room
In an Australian first, a shopping centre will offer families with autistic children and autistic shoppers a safe haven, by providing a quiet room into which they can retreat. Those with autism often find shopping centres can cause ‘sensory overload’, which for many young sufferers means spiralling into an uncontrollable meltdown. The quiet room offers a space where parents can retreat with their children to calm down in private, or autistic shoppers can retreat when the experience becomes too much. Opening this room in Victoria’s Northland Shopping Centre shows just how far Australia has come in the way it views autism, and it offers relief to those families with children who suffer the condition.

Historic carousel organ back in play
The Canberra Organ Restoration Group, headed by 91-year-old retired engineer Bert Taylor, has finished its 40 year restoration project of a century-old carousel organ. The Federal Government purchased the unrestored organ for the people of Canberra in 1973. It was nothing more than pieces riddled with woodworm and a set of pipes. Thanks to Bert and his team of volunteers, the 69 Keyless Elite Apollo Orchestra Organ has now finally been restored to its former glory, and will be housed at the Macquarie depot and made available for community events.

Father and son win Finke Desert race
A father and son buggy crew, Ian and Shannon Rentsch, have won this year’s Finke Desert Race. The pair has been trying to win Australia’s most gruelling off-road race since 2006, so they were ecstatic over finally realising their goal.

Science proves hugs can heal
You know how sometimes you just need a hug? It can make you feel calm and happy and loved. That’s because when you hug someone, your brain releases oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’. A new study, undertaken by the University of California, Berkley, supports the theory that oxytocin is strongly linked with ageing. It is already known that older adults, as well as older mice, have much lower oxytocin levels than their younger counterparts. In the study older mice were injected with oxytocin, and after only nine days were found to be able to repair muscle at a much higher rate than normal. Hugs really can heal.

Obama says we got it right
Despite Australia’s current political issues, Australia is getting it right on one front, at least according to President of the USA. President Barack Obama has praised Australia for getting gun control right, using our gun control crackdown after the 1996 Port Arthur shootings as the model America should be following.

…and I thought you should know

It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses this week. Our own Prime Minister made another embarrassing gaffe, calling Canada ‘Canadia’ during a speech. Creator of Spot the Dog, Eric Hill has died aged 86. Our political situation hasn’t improved much, wars are still being fought and I have heard from a friend (who usually knows these things) that there is statistically no other configuration which would have given Australia a worse draw for the World Cup.

But you know all of that. And if you don’t, you’ve heard a version of it recently. It’s what we hear every day in the media, and as I was reading through the week’s stories I found myself longing for just one piece of good news. A story about people who care about each other, or people who achieve something, or Australia getting it right for once. I think we get it right quite often, actually, but nobody ever talks about it.

So I went out and found the good news stories, and I’m sharing them with you. This is for everyone who’s feeling too jaded to open the newspaper. They might not be making headlines, but these stories have made a world of difference in the lives of those they concern. And I hope they can make a positive difference in your life also, if only by making you smile at the news today.

Something good happened in the news today, and I thought you should know.

Have you heard any good news today? Why not share it in the comments and brighten everyone’s day? Why do you think our daily news is so preoccupied with delivering bad news?