Quick and easy tricks to give the LBD a budget makeover

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Most of us have a little black dress (LBD) in our wardrobe, but how long has it been there? Is it showing its age? Can we update it?

Here are five easy ways to update your LBD without breaking the bank

1. Let’s blazer it!
The first, and I think one of the nicest ways, to update the LBD is to find a gorgeous blazer to give it a lift.

Take a look at Duchess of Kent Kate Middleton, who recently had her third baby, and see how wonderful she looks in a dress and blazer. And the nice thing about the blazer is that you can use it over and over again with other wardrobe staples such classic jeans and slim skirts.

Check out this great, linen blend single-button blazer.

2. Add a scarf
Several types of scarves will help dress up your LBD. Take a look at this wonderful animal print scarf that will really spice up the outfit and, at the same time, is a very useful accessory for winter.

As an alternative to animal print, I’d suggest this simple black and white print neckerchief, which looks incredibly smart and stylish.

My third option would be to twist a more brightly colored scarf around the neckline of your LBD. Don’t be afraid to invest in a few of these scarf options as they can be used over and over again, season after season.

3. Add some ‘bling’
There’s nothing more fun than adding a bit of bling to your LBD. Start with a necklace. I fancy a rhinestone necklace, but it’s really up to you. At the same time, I would add the matching rhinestone earrings. We need to make a statement in updating our LBD!

4. The waterfall cardigan
Take a look at this fabulous fine-gauge wool blend cardigan with a softly draping neckline.

The composition is 45 per cent cotton and 55 per cent extra fine merino wool. Select from your favourite colours, although my preference would be grey. However, I’d be sure to add the brightly colored scarf around my neck to lift the whole picture. Remember to ensure your lipstick complements the outfit.

5. The ‘do it yourself’ collar
For those of you who are a bit creative, this is a really pretty way to add something special to your LBD. This bejewelled collar is a lovely option to add to the neckline. Or if you prefer, you can buy this great sweater with a detachable collar, and use the collar on your LBD. It’s a great price at only $59.95 from Zara. Alternatively, you may have a local haberdashery store that stocks a multiple of interesting things that could work in trimming up your dress. This option of an organza embellished collar may also be suitable, and it’s also a really great price from ASOS.

For anyone who doesn’t own a LBD, I have searched high and low for the best-looking little black dress this season and I’m still looking!

My suggestion is that you find yourself a slimming black pencil skirt. I favour the knitted variety with an elastic waist (needs to be a good quality and quite a dense knit). You may even have one in your wardrobe that we can work with. I have found this wonderful longer line top (so that it covers all the ‘bits’) and it has a very flattering neckline, an extended sleeve, and around the hemline is a wide band of sequins. (This top is also available in a long-sleeve version.) Combine the two pieces and dress them up with subtle gold jewellery, slingback kitten heels and a faux Chanel clutch bag.

The overall effect will be an updated LBD without the difficulty of finding a single dress to fit all our quirky body shapes.

Do you have a LBD? Has it been in the wardrobe for a long time? Do these tips help?


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Written by petaro


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