Statement scarves for winter

I have always been very open about my relationship with scarves – love, love, love. Not only are they extremely versatile and keep you warm in winter but they are also a fabulous way to liven up an outfit.

Being from Melbourne, I also have a love affair with black, which isn’t always conducive to the most exciting outfits. Winter can tend to be a season for monochrome colours and shades, so a statement scarf is a great way to inject colour and interest.

Here are six of our favourites for winter:

1. Sportsgirl, Natural Instincts Scarf, $24.95

 2. Cotton On, Frayed Double Layer Scarf, $5.00

3. H&M, Patterned Scarf, $14.95

4. Seed, Metallic Star Snood, $59.95

5. David Jones, D Lux, Tie Dyed Design Cotton Scarf, $36.36


6. Myer, Gregory Ladner, Zigzag Pash Wrap, $39.95

Which is your favourite? When you’ve chosen why not watch this video which shows 25 different ways to wear a scarf.

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Written by SJ


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