Stay away from these plane areas

If you have ever been on a plane, you probably would have questioned the plane’s cleanliness and wondered how hygienic your seat, tray table or the toilet really is.

Travelmath sent microbiologists to collect samples from four separate flights to uncover the dirtiest spots on planes and in airports.

The studies found that the dirtiest plane locations are:

  • tray tables
  • lavatory flush buttons
  • overhead air vents and
  • seatbelt buckles.

Tray tables, in particular, were found to carry cold and flu viruses at alarmingly high rates that could cause diarrhoea or vomiting.

While many airlines claim to regularly clean their seats, tables and bathrooms, it is always good to be safe and pack some disinfectants for yourself too.

How does the problem start and how can you avoid catching germs?
James Barbaree from the Detection & Food Safety Center of Auburn University in Alabama says the problem lies with the endless crowds of people moving through airports and planes.

“All of us carry microbes on our skin, clothes, and inside our bodies. Some of these microbes are transmitted to other humans, and bacteria multiply in unclean areas.”

Travelmath recommend carrying small hand sanitisers to help fight bacteria on plane rides.

They say that using paper towels to open and close restroom doors can also halt the spread of bacteria.

While many airlines claim to clean their seats, tables and bathrooms overnight, it is always a good idea to play it safe and pack disinfectants (wipes or liquids) for yourself as well.

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