Stopping relentless unwanted calls

Up until three months ago, YourLifeChoices member Neil was receiving between two to six calls from telemarketers on his landline every single day. It wasn’t until he was directed to a new piece of technology that Neil was able to stop these relentless nuisance telemarketers from reaching his phone.

Fed up, Neil had gone to his local Telstra store to address the issue. The local store representative had recommended that Neil change his current landline to a Guardian 301 MK 11 Cordless phone, which would allow Neil to solve his problem.

Once installed, the MK 11 allowed Neil to input his address book of trusted phone numbers into the system, and if a caller matches one of those numbers, the phone rings and Neil can take the call. If a number is not in Neil’s address book, as in the case of a telemarketer’s, the call is sent directly to voicemail without ringing.

Neil has now gone three months without a single unwanted call and believes his new phone is the “best thing since sliced bread”.

Smartphone users can use similar methods to prevent unwanted calls. The iPhone allows you to set up this mode in four simple steps. There are similar settings available for some Android devices as well as apps such as Mr Number, Call Blocker and Calls Blacklist that do a similar job.

Do you get annoying calls from telemarketers? What have you done to stop them?

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Written by Drew

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