Stylish, comfortable summer flats

The staple footwear for summer, sandals often fall into one of two categories: drop-dead stylish or not so glamorous but very comfortable. Somewhat of a unicorn, it is however possible to find flat shoes that tick both these boxes.

After some rigorous research, there are a few key factors you can’t ignore. Firstly, one of the areas in which flat shoes generally fall down in is when they are completely flat and you end up feeling like you may as well be walking barefoot on concrete. Avoid this pitfall by choosing flats with a slight heel or, at the very least, a comfortable and thick sole.

While delicate sandals may look fine, they rarely offer any support to your feet. Not only is this uncomfortable, but can lead to more serious problems that require medical attention. Choose a sandal that has some form of ankle support to ensure you’re not slipping and sliding all over the place.

We’ve found three sandals that are equal parts comfortable and stylish:

1. Sportsgirl, Nessa Two Part Flat, $44.96

With a back to support your ankle and a quirky colourway of coral and leather these sandals also have a thick rubber sole.


2. Glassons, Cross Over Slide, $49.99

A small heel and crossover front provides secure support for your foot.


3. H&M, Strappy Sandals, $24.95

Gladiator sandals never go out of style and these provide lots of support with their heel and lacing.

Have you found a fabulous pair of sandals or do you have a tip for shopping for them?

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