Summer style tricks

Whether you prefer summer or winter dressing, you can always use some style tips to help you look your best. Beat the heat and stay cool, calm and collected with our top tricks to keep you stylish no matter how high the mercury rises.

Say beat it to blisters
If you were lucky enough to pick up a new pair of shoes over Christmas on sale or your old ones are beginning to rub you up the wrong way, there’s a simple way to solve the problem of ill-fitting shoes. Say goodbye to blisters by rubbing clear deodorant over the area of your shoe that is giving you grief. Let it dry then slip on your shoes and you’re set to go. The deodorant provides an invisible barrier between your skin and the shoe preventing friction. No Band-Aids required!

Smell you later
You’ve probably noticed some of your closed shoes have become a little more whiffy as the temperature rises. With your feet sweating more in the heat, particularly if you are sans socks, the bacteria multiplies leaving you with a stinky shoe situation. Placing one or two unused dry tea bags into your shoes overnight will absorb the smell and deodorise them. Why not use mint for a summery scent?

Welcome back whites
Summer and white clothing go hand in hand. Yellow sweat stains, however, do not. We’ve all encountered those unsightly armpit stains at some point, probably just before your favourite white top went straight into the bin. Well don’t throw away another perfectly good top, spray the affected areas with lemon juice just before you wash and watch them return to their rightful colour. Still not satisfied? Mix one part dishwashing soap, two parts hydrogen peroxide and a sprinkle of baking soda and use a laundry brush to massage the mixture into the stain. Allow the top to sit for an hour before washing normally. Voilà – back to brand new!

Tangle free travel
Don’t get your knickers, or jewellery, in a knot. If you’re travelling with delicate jewellery, thread bracelets or necklaces through a straw before packing to make sure they don’t end up entwined with their travel companions. Your future self will thank you for the extra time spent in the sun.

Written by SJ


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