Take control of your Facebook feed

Are you sick of only seeing what Facebook wants you to see? Take back control of your News Feed with this simple trick.

Your Facebook News Feed used to show you what your friends were doing and saying, as they said it. It was simple and it worked. However, some time ago, Facebook introduced an alternative version of the News Feed which shows you “the most popular stories from friends, Pages and groups”, which can be frustrating if you don’t agree with what Facebook thinks you like.

Facebook has since removed the ability to set ‘Most Recent’ to your default option, effectively forcing you to use the ‘Top Stories’ setting.

Luckily there is a workaround, however you’ll have to access the Facebook website, rather than using an app.

By bookmarking this page, rather than the normal Facebook URL, you can always launch Facebook in the ‘Most Recent’ view.

If you’re not sure how to bookmark or favourite a page, read this tech tips tutorial.

Do you like the ‘Top Stories’ newsfeed? Or are you glad to have a way to change it back?

Written by ryanbo


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