Tax refund scam

Another scam has appeared, this time taking advantage of tax time.

Tax refund scam

With tax time in full swing, the number of scams on the go has also increased and some of them are quite slick. Drew explains why these scam emails look so legitimate and how to differentiate from the real thing.

Q. Nancy

Yesterday I received an email from the tax office ([email protected]) claiming that I was entitled to an $874.64 refund. As I don’t believe I am entitled to a refund and have never given this email address to any government agency, I believe this may be a scam email. Can you please clarify?



Hi Nancy,


Tax refund scams are one of the top email scams to catch Australians out, as they seem fairly legitimate with their claims and are sent from what appears to be an authentic government email address.

These scammers have access to email address changing software which allows them to send the email from what appears to be the [email protected] address. This is similar to many other scam emails going around and email servers can’t differentiate from the genuine article, they are not sent to junk. This gives people the confidence to click the links in these scam emails.

If you are still interested in following up the claim that you are entitled to a refund, you can always get in contact with the Australian Tax Office by phone or via its website.

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    10th Jul 2013
    Do your tax return with ETAX then you'll KNOW if you get a return or not

    Oh and by the way, how would you get a refund if you have NOT done your return? and the Tax Office does not normaly send emails.

    You should register with the ATO, with TFN and password and then you can check ALL your's free and fun you can check all sorts of things REGISTER HERE
    10th Jul 2013
    I do not do tax returns anymore.........but I'm still registered, that way I can update phone number or address, email etc
    Michael Pearce
    10th Jul 2013
    Maybe you should add a link to the actual ATO and the ETAX. Adverts on this page look like the ATO but they are not, they are commercial organizations trying to cash in and charge you for doing what looks like ETAX.
    I have done my own tax for 25 years ever since a tax agent tried to sell me shares in a Macadamia Nut plantation and I have used ETAX since it became available and I thoroughly recommend it
    10th Jul 2013
    10th Jul 2013
    I agree Michael, if you do your own e-tax,, Nancy, you will know at the end of it all if you owe them or they owe you. Don't be put off by the idea, there is so much help online, and you can also get the tax forms and guide from your local newsagent. Of course don't forget, you can still phone the ATO if you have a curly question, I have found them very helpful in the past when I lodged returns, using etax from its first year. You have a running total as you go through the forms as to the money side of things

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