Tech that will change your life

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas has wrapped and we’ve found the five most innovative pieces of technology that will change the way we live our lives.

Volocopter 2X
This new air taxi vehicle, which looks like a gigantic drone, is designed to transport two passengers from A to B using autonomous navigation. Carrying up to 180kg the Volocopter can cruise at 70km/h and aims to fight congestion in cities. However it might be some time until the average person will be able to afford a trip on the Volocopter.

ForwardX CX-1
Taking the ‘lug’ out of luggage is this smart suitcase that will follow you all by itself. Featuring a camera and facial recognition software, the CX-1 will putter along in your wake at 11km/hour.  If a thief snatches it or it gets left behind, you will be notified via a smart bracelet device.

Honda’s 3E robots
Honda have created an adorable fleet of cooperative robots that would look right at home in a colony on the moon. Four robots were introduced at CES 2018 with different functions, including a device similar to a mobility scooter that stays upright when going up or downhill and can transform into a stroller or motorised luggage cart.

The NeoMano is a ‘wearable hand robot’ that can assist people with spinal cord injuries to regain control of their hands. The glove is powered by small wires and motors, similar to the muscles that control our hands. With the glove, users can pick up objects as heavy as 1kg and grip items to perform actions most of us perform without a second though, such as opening doors or brushing our teeth. The NeoMano will hopefully be available towards the end of the year.

This French invention aims the save the hips of aged people. In France alone there are 65,000 hip fractures each year, 50 per cent of these people lose their autonomy and of those aged 55+, 23 per cent die within a year. Hip’Air is worn like a belt and can detect when someone is falling, which will trigger an inflation of two hip-protecting airbags which absorb 90 per cent of the impact force.

Will you be keeping an eye out for any of these inventions?

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Written by ryanbo


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