The age of unlimited entitlement

In a speech delivered from London last night and subsequent TV interview, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey condemned the systems of unlimited entitlement.

The age of unlimited entitlement, Joe Hockey, Interview, Speech, Federal Government, Pensions, Australia, From London

In a speech delivered from London last night and subsequent TV interview, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey condemned the systems of unlimited entitlement in Western democracies and looked to our Asian neighbours as a more prudent way of handing out social welfare.

Mr Hockey’s comments were firmly aimed at European nations which spend as much as 30 per cent of GDP on welfare, health and pensions. That’s not to say he wasn’t also talking to Australia, which spends around 16 per cent of GDP in these areas. Mr Hockey said ‘We need to be ever vigilant. We need to compare ourselves with our Asian neighbours where the entitlements programs of the state are far less than in Australia’.

Mr Hockey may have been dropping a heavy hint on the direction the Coalition will take if they gain power at the next Federal Election when he said, "the age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support is over ... We are now in an era where leaders are much more wary about credit risk."

Today, Finance Minister Penny Wong replied to Mr Hockey’s comments and said "What he is saying in that speech is that we should cut into pensions but we shouldn't cut into the private health insurance rebate ... Things like Medicare and the age pension are a very important part of who we are".

Is Australia truly the land of (too many) entitlements or is Joe Hockey totally misguided?

Watch Joe Hockey's speech and read more about this issue.
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    21st Apr 2012
    gooday good people
    how can you follow a coment that mr hockey states that other countrys spend 30% of gdp on welfare and we get to much " please explain" this our way of life maybe if the goverment of the day looked after thier own back yard instead of catering for other people residing in this country illeigally and unlawfully we might have a few more dollars to spend on own homeless youth / hospitals / roads / pensioners / waffle waffle waffle it just goes on and on same old same old I think we should get a No 10 shovel out and clean out upstairs but whats the point its always hard to get rid of a bad smell "any comments '
    23rd Apr 2012
    Totally agree with you Piklo.Will things ever change ??Dog eat Dog world.not many real people left unfortunatly.
    23rd Apr 2012
    piklo and bluemoon, attacking the weakest in our community is as base as a politician can go, with their fat wages and incentives perhaps they could contribute some of there packages and entitlements as well?, I gre up when woman could not get super and men would only receive super if they worked for a govenment service, we worked to build this land up, not for young politicians to bludge of our backs , with years of sacrifice by our men in two world wars, perhaps if they put the illega immigrants to work we might have more taxes to spend on those that deserve it for everything that has made Australia what it is today. stop putting illegals in detention centres, put them to work instead, tell those people if they want to make Australia home get out and work for a living instead of sitting in centres where they have more than some Australians have at their fingertips costing taxpayers millions. helena
    24th Apr 2012
    gooday helena
    I could not agree with you more but there are a lot of us that are quite caperble of still working and still want to work at the age of 60 plus plus plus with good work ethics and qualifications that just want to keep the billy boiling but no one want us and they keep winging that we are a drain on the country I dont think so I honestly think we have become a nanny country send those illegas back give all the australians a go and get this country back on track
    4th May 2013
    Joe Hockey for Treasurer! I hope we have a change of Government in the election, I have never felt so dismayed by a Party as I do the Labor Party, what a mess! If you are a person who believes in prayer, please join me in asking God to deliver us and ensure our future in this country, by giving us the Party and the members of Parliament who can work to get us back on track, and with good judgement to help those who need to be helped,but putting Australians first, helping our needy, building more accomodation,not leaving our people on the streets.

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