The annual Easter rip-off

Have you bought Easter eggs for the kids or grandkids yet? Or are you like me and wait for the Saturday discounts before you venture to the shops? Perhaps you are more sensible and have a tradition that doesn’t involve a chocolate hunt.

For those in the former categories, have you ever thought about the mark-up when your favourite chocolate is turned into an egg or a bunny or a chicken?

A popular comparison site has some bad, though predictable, news on the price of chocolate eggs.

“Comparing the cost per 100 grams of Easter chocolate with the cost per 100 grams of the same brand’s reliable old block chocolate, we found an average mark-up of nearly 70 per cent,” the site reports. “Gift packs were the worst offenders, with an average 115 per cent, mark-up, followed by bunnies (79 per cent) and single hollow eggs (52 per cent.) Ouch.”

Consider whether your planned purchases are money well spent; is the ‘excitement’ worth what in some cases is a rip-off? If you’re still intent on a chocolate fix, the site says there are two Easter products that are good value. “The classic Lindt gold bunny only had an 18 per cent mark-up, and a large bag of Cadbury mini eggs was actually even better value than block chocolate.”

If time is not an issue, you could make your own eggs or bunnies with good quality cooking chocolate and moulds from a craft store.

You could also make your own painted eggs, Easter-themed cookies, egg-shell planters, egg-shaped bath bombs or carrot playdough.

Stick to a budget and don’t get swept up by a perceived need to join the hordes buying chocolate eggs.

How do you celebrate Easter? Does it involve an egg hunt?

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Written by Janelle Ward


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