The best Christmas ads of 2017

Apple begin the list with poignancy and elegance in a video entitled ‘Sway’, perfectly encapsulating the Winter Wonderland so many of us long to see. Watch as the Apple AirPods star in a moving dance of two through the snowy streets in a fantasy advertisement.

The David Jones ‘Now It Feels Like Christmas’ ad follows the journey of a young gingerbread, travelling to find the perfect gifts for his family. Journeying home toAustralia, he finds himself at various locations checking off each family member’s presents. A nostalgic and relatable take on the importance of family at Christmas time.

Marks and Spencer take a light-hearted approach to sharing this Christmas with their ‘Paddington Bear and the Christmas Visitor’ ad. The bear innocently stops a burglar, instead helping him to fill all the Christmas stockings of the little boys and girls. This ad warms the heart and captures the true goodness of everyone at Christmas time.

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