The best personal finance app, a website dedicated to helping Australians with their finances through product reviews and more, recently held its 2016 Finder Innovation Awards. Among several other awards, one was given for the Best Personal Financial Management App of 2016. The apps were judged on originality, technological innovation, usability and impact.

And the winner was … Pocketbook!

Pocketbook is a free budget-planning app created by an Australian start-up company. Like many other personal finance apps, Pocketbook allows you to keep track of your spending to stick to your budgeting goals.

Where it stands apart from the crowd, however, is with its automation. Pocketbook synchronises with your bank to track all of your spending and allow you to budget more accurately. You can categorise your spending to help determine where you need to cut back, as well as look at your spending over time using charts.

Pocketbook beat apps from big banks such as American Express and CommBank.

Chris Jager, editor of popular technology blog Lifehacker Australia and guest judge at the awards, said “Pocketbook is one of the simplest and most user-friendly ways for Australians to monitor their spending and create a budget. Its integration with all major banks and ability to sync accounts makes it suitable for all Australians who want to take control of their finances; those who bank with more than one institution.”

Learn more at or download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android.

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