The most popular nail polish colours

OPI has become synopsis with nail polish. The go-to brand seemingly have created every colour under the sun. When asked recently by the Zoe Report which shades where most popular among their customers, the brand revealed the top 10 bestselling colours from their enormous range.

While it’s no surprise that the more subdued hues dominated the list, the polish that came out on top was quite a shock – or a dark horse, if you will.

Somewhat of a self-confessed addict, I am almost OCD when it comes to my fingers and toes being perfectly polished. And although none of my favourite shades from OPI made the cut, I’ve included them in this article anyway – because sharing is caring.

Take a look at the people’s favourite polishes and tell us what you think. What is your go-to OPI colour of choice?

10. Shorts Story


9. Strawberry Margarita


8. Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya


7. Princesses Rule!


6. Tickle My France-y


5. Passion


4. Sweet Heart


3. Bubble Bath


2. Alpine Snow


1. Black Onyx


And now for my top three OPI colours.

  1. Lincoln Park After Dark


2. Mod About You

3. Natasha & Boris


RRP: from $15.95 from your nearest OPI stockist.

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