Older Australians reveal their favourite pharmacy chain

Seniors go against the trend when choosing a chemist: survey.

Older Australians prefer traditional pharmacy brand

The oldest of Australians continue to embrace the most traditional chemist brand despite the diversity that a new wave of discount pharmacies has brought to the sector, a Roy Morgan survey of 15,000 people has revealed.

“Breaking down the satisfaction data by age, the group with the highest level of satisfaction with an individual pharmacy brand was the ‘pre-Baby Boomers’ (born before 1946), 96 per cent of whom were ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied with the long-established Soul Pattinson pharmacy chain,” the polling organisation said of the results, which were collected in the 12 months to October 2018.

Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine said the healthcare spend of older Australians – the Boomers and pre-Boomers – is typically much higher than younger generations.

“It is interesting, therefore, to see the different satisfaction levels with the same brands between those two older demographics,” she said.

The rating by older Australians was in stark contrast to the preferred pharmacy brand overall, Discount Drug Stores.

Ms Levine said Discount Drug Stores had kept the pressure on its competitors.

“(The chain has won) its eighth consecutive monthly customer satisfaction award, putting it in a very strong position for our Pharmacy of the Year award in February.

Australians generally are significantly satisfied with their chemists, with the lowest ranked brands – Chemist Warehouse, Guardian, MyChemist, Terry White Chemmart and Soul Pattinson – all scoring at least 88 per cent for total satisfaction.

But it was Discount Drug Stores’ 91.4 per cent rating that topped the ladder, with the chain’s customers reporting that they were very or fairly satisfied with their shopping experience.

The nearest competitor was Priceline Pharmacy, with a total satisfaction rating of 90.4 per cent, followed by Amcal/Amcal Max with an overall satisfaction rating of 90 per cent.

“There are many elements to customer satisfaction, but a good start is knowing who your customers are in each area and what they value when they walk into the store,” Ms Levine said.

Which pharmacy chain do you shop at? How satisfied are you with the customer experience offered at your chemist? Do you regularly change your loyalty to pharmacy brands? How could pharmacies improve their service?



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    7th Dec 2018
    I go to Jadin Chemist - this area (Morayfield) has so many of this brand Chemist that its hard to go elsewhere. There is a Chemist Warehouse in Caboolture, but it is in such a weird place - out of the way - that I dont bother going there and probably many others do the same...
    7th Dec 2018
    We have an Amcal here and there are the greatest rip-offs -- and charge like wounded bulls

    I have been doing an online shop from Chemist online, other than scripts

    7th Dec 2018
    We have 5 chemists within walking distance, going to Amcal as it is the same place as my
    doctor's surgery. For vitamin supplements and krill oil tablets I use Chemists Warehouse next to my post office. Quite happy with their services and could not find fault.
    7th Dec 2018
    I prefer the old friendly pharmacists that serves the local community. I like Carrig because they were old0fashioned friendly chemist but were drummed out of business to high rent. Old friendly chemist cannot compere against the discount chemists which is a shame Chemist warehouse is okay . Get great discounts.
    7th Dec 2018
    Jadin is the only chemist around here so there really is no competition as Chris said Chemist warehuouse is cheaper but u need a car
    7th Dec 2018
    I wouldn't go to one with "drug store" in its name. I believe we should, not only not encourage Americanisms, but we should shun them.
    7th Dec 2018
    Well, a pharmacy sells drugs mostly so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the name.
    Ageing but not getting old
    8th Dec 2018
    I understand Rof63's opinion and acknowledge Cowboy Jim's logic, too. It's kind of funny for me, as a dual Australian-American citizen. Migrated almost 32 years ago, and like to 'brag' that I'm 'bilingual'; I speak both Yank and Strine!
    I rarely use the U.S. words & phrases now and glad my bestie back in the U.S. understands most Aussie words, so I can just talk with her without having to worry if I'm being understood
    I've been in the same area I'm currently in for 17-18 years and started off with a 24/365 Chemist, which was convenient, though more costly than average. But as I've aged, my pharmaceutical needs have increased considerably, and I switched to a Chemist Warehouse which is further away but is also near a Coles, newsagent, and other shops. With the car it's not bad, and they def cheaper for the Rx's and have a wide variety of other OTC nutrients etc, so it's def better for me.
    East of Toowoomba
    7th Dec 2018
    I usually buy all prescriptions, pills, supplements and so on online through ePharmacy. They have a pharmacist that you can call up if you have any questions about a product, their prices are as cheap or cheaper than the chemist down the street and because we have concession cards, there is no charge for postage.

    We post our scripts in, leave them there and re-order once a month. As the turn around time takes a couple of days I am in the habit of re-ordering when we get down to about a week's worth of meds.
    Star Trekker
    7th Dec 2018
    My town has just lost 2 Amcal & a Guardian chemists. They have changed to chemist warehouses. Now I find that I feel crowded in with the change overs. Shelves to high, no aisle space to pass others.
    Now I am looking for a new chemist.
    7th Dec 2018
    We go to Chemist Discount Centre in Warragul, get good service and the pharmacist knows all the regulars by name.
    7th Dec 2018
    Where do these results come from, I have never used a Soul Patterson chemist in my life, I have used Guardian mostly, and the amount of people in there when I visit suggest they are very popular in our area, the chemist is always friendly and gives considerate advice with whatever medicines I am taking, I am not saying anything is wrong with Soul Patterson, just saying I have never used them.
    7th Dec 2018
    I usually use National Pharmacies, because I get a discount on non PBS items, plus they are 5 minutes away, and also most other shopping centres I visit have them.

    7th Dec 2018
    Priceline I've found to be pretty good.
    Old Geezer
    7th Dec 2018
    Gee it's so long since I have been in a chemist I couldn't even name one.
    7th Dec 2018
    The best Chemist for us is National Pharmacy in a 10 minute walk from home and they give you a discount with there Membership Card which is very good and they have good staff who can help you with changing dressings and a Chemidt who can give you good advise.
    8th Dec 2018
    We have been with the same Pharmacy and Pharmacist for over 30 years - it has changed is name over the years and is now Health 1st Pharmacy.
    Our Pharmacist knows us and the family and we have always had the
    best of care.

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