The Tashtego Travel Kit


If you’ve read any of our tips on travel packing, then you’ll know that rolling your clothes is the best way to maximise your baggage space. Which is all well and good until you put in that bulky toiletries bag.


Well, say hello to the Tashtego Travel Kit – simply a better way to organise toiletries.


Creator Parker Thomas saw how travellers rolled and bundled their clothing to fit more in their bags. Inspired by tradesman’s tool rolls, he initially designed a rollable toiletries bag for himself. Realising he was onto a good thing, he crowdfunded cash via a Kickstarter campaign and the Tashtego Travel Kit was born.


Simply slip your toiletries into the Tashtego’s plethora of pockets, fold the flap and roll it up. Stuff it in your bag with the rest of your clothing and when you unroll your kit, everything will be in its place.



You can hang the travel kit up or unroll it and lay it flat. And your sensitive toiletries will never touch the potentially germy surfaces of hotel bathrooms or the dirt when you camp. You can even use it for your make-up, art supplies, kitchenware, knives or other tools.


It’s been so popular that Tashtego V1 has sold out, but V2 (prototype shown in the video) is on the way and promises to be even better than the first version.


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What do you think of this gadget? Do you know of something similar?


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