The wet head is not dead

Are you looking forward to the return of Brylcreem and pomade?

YOURLifeChoices member Nautilus has noted the resurgence of the ‘ghastly’ wet hair look for men. It seems as though history (even bad fashion history) will continue to repeat itself. What do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of Brylcreem and pomade?

Comment – Using tissue boxes for shoes

We human beings are so suggestible. A few years ago the shops were full of ridiculous pointy-toed shoes. Then the quiff was back, followed shortly by leggings being worn as trousers and animal prints. Now people are decorating their houses with old pay-phones, broken typewriters and (inexplicably) bird stickers.

But never, ever, not even on that day when I saw a girl wearing tissue boxes on her feet instead of shoes, did I imagine the wet look hair would return. It smells bad, it looks terrible, and, as Nautilus pointed out, all that hair gel is a nightmare to get out of your clothes. So, fashion conscious (and sane) citizens of Australia, unite!

Implore the young sheep around you to sidestep this trend. If you need more ammunition than the weight of your word, why not direct them to read this article about a young British father of four who set his head on fire after using too much hairspray?

Do you enjoy seeing fashion trends return, or should some things be left in the past? And what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen someone wearing recently?


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    10th Aug 2012
    Where is this phenomenon happening ? Which strata of this ape society would do that ? Boguns [they wont be able to afford it]; gen-x or gen-y ? Us olde 'surfies' would rather be seen dead !
    Actual Cat
    10th Aug 2012
    You'd hope a father of four children would have more important things to do than spray his hair...
    As beach chicks of the 70s we used to giggle at the greasy rockers with the gelled hair. Some of my dad's workmates sported that look too, but they just looked like old bodgies to us!
    I suppose most fashion looks ridiculous when out of date, but I still think super high heels are really ugly, impractical and should never see the light of day.
    10th Aug 2012
    Surfies dyed their hair with peroxide but I was scared of the olde man so I only dyed a few hairs hahahaha but I do recall a bit of 'slicking back the locks' and luminescent socks more hahaha
    10th Aug 2012
    Boy, how quick we forget!! The young always wear/do the very things that are designed to shock or upset the older generations. (Remember hot pants? psychedelic prints? long hair? etc etc) Young people need to push the boundaries - If this is the worst they do, we should be grateful - lose the battle, win the war!
    10th Aug 2012
    I was fortunate enough to grow up in an idyllic seaside village but well remember the first girl to be kicked off the beach because she wore a bikini. How times do change.

    11th Aug 2012
    I really like the slicked back tidy hair style, like the guys on The Project.. but that isn't the fashion of the moment. The just woken, untidy, sticking up in all directions and lengths hair is the current popular style and it's kept that way with tonnes of product! Probably that young dad was trying to create that with his very short hair.

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