The world’s most decadent dinner

Fancy yourself a foodie? Then maybe you have some thoughts on this most decadent dinner, as devised by Leon and based on the world’s most decadent dishes.


1. The Ortolan
This is, without doubt, the world’s most decadent meal. The ortolan is a teeny-tiny bunting bird that is fattened in captivity, then drowned in Armagnac, plucked, roasted and eaten in one mouthful – head, bones, beak and all. The napkin is draped over the head in order to capture the scent of the dish. Protected in France due to overhunting, the ortolan is becoming rare to see on restaurant menus but can still be acquired on the black market.

Main course

2. $4000 Pizza Royale 007
We all know pizza as an inexpensive meal. However, in 2009, Chef Domenico Crolla offered a pizza, topped with lobster soaked in high-end cognac, caviar marinated in expensive champagne and 24-carat gold shavings. Sound slightly decadent? Well, add to those toppings sun blush tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions, prosciutto and vintage balsamic and you have all the makings of a pizza fit for 007. Chef Crolla auctioned his pizza on eBay for $4200, with the money raised going to charity.

3. $1000 Lobster Omelette
Norma’s in the Le Parker Meridian offers an omelette for US$1000, which seems a steep price to pay for six eggs, a whole lobster and the most expensive of fish roe – Sefruga caviar.

4. FleurBurger 5000
Las Vegas is home to all things flashy, so it’s no surprise that you’d find a burger such as the FleurBurger 5000 in Sin City. Fashioned from Kobe beef, black truffles and foie gras, this $5000 burger is served with crispy fries and a rare $3000 1995 Petrus wine.


5. $25,000 sundae
Okay, so you’ve spent a fortune on your entrée and your mains, now it’s time for dessert. How about we finish things off with a $25,000 sundae? This insanely priced sweet features 28 different kinds of chocolate, truffles and over five grams of gold leaf. Why? You tell me…

6. $4 million strawberry sweets
Arnaud’s in New Orleans offers a dessert that, in itself, isn’t too expensive. However, the antique 7.09-carat pink diamond ring inside is what makes the price tag pop. Just don’t woof it all down too quickly, or you’ll have a very expensive bowel movement the next day!

Would you eat any of these meals? Have you, by chance, eaten any of these decadent dishes?

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