There's more to Google than search

We all use Google to search the internet, but did you know there’s a lot more that Google can do for you? Here are five things you didn’t know Google could do.

For some of these unknown Google features, you may need a Google account, but with plenty of features and one of the most secure email filters available, it’s worth the two minutes it will take to set up.

Replace Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
You can use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, for free, to replace these three Microsoft programs. Just visit Google Drive and click the ‘New’ button, then select which type of document you would like to create. Not only is this free to use, but you can store your files on the internet and access or edit them anywhere, on any device with internet access, using your Google or Gmail account.

Organise your calendar
Google Calendar is easy to use and you can set events as far into the future as you would like, so you’ll never forget you have something planned. You can also set repeating events, custom reminders, and colour code your plans. To make an event, just click a day and type the event into the popup box. You can then customise it further by clicking ‘Edit event’.

Remind you to do things
You can use Google Calendar to remind you to do things, but to make things even simpler you can just type a reminder into the Google Search bar and it will remind you. For example, head to Google and search ‘remind me to check the new pension income and asset test tables’. You will now be able to set a custom reminder. If you have a smartphone you can even set a reminder that is triggered by a location rather than a time.

Calculate tips
If you’re jetting overseas in the near future you can save yourself a maths problem at the dinner table by just searching Google for ‘tip calculator’. You’ll need internet access for this, however.

Translate from photographs or handwriting
When travelling overseas, your smartphone is your best friend. Plenty of apps and websites can translate text from one language to another, but it takes time to type the words in, and what do you do when you’re in a country that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet, such as Japan or Russia?

You can use Google Translate to translate text from photographs or by handwriting the symbols on to your device. The Google Translate app for iPhone, iPad or Android is a great timesaver while overseas.

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