Things flight attendants hate

If you find flying annoying, imagine what it must be like to be a flight attendant.

The 12–18 hour shifts (depending on the length of the flight) and having to deal with needy passengers and whiny kids would be an absolute nightmare.

An online forum led by author and former flight attendant Abbie Unger, Flight Attendant Career Connection, had plenty of comments from fellow cabin crew colleagues, listing the top things they would like to tell their passengers.

Here are some selected highlights:

Wasting time with the drinks cart
“You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” – Facebook user Corinne Spring

Ordering with your headphone on
“You are screaming at me.” – Facebook user Kimberly Lupo

Walking around barefoot
“Ewww!” – Facebook user Amber Nicole

Leaving rubbish in the seat pockets
“We walk through doing a garbage pick-up every 10 minutes!” – Facebook user Valerie Reiter Kennebeck

Touching your flight attendant
“A simple ‘Excuse me’ will get my attention.” – Facebook user Abbie Unger

Using the toilet before landing or during meals
“You’ve had HOURS to do so.” – Facebook user Joey DiGregorio

“Seriously… you’re in my way.” – Facebook user Corinne Spring

Hanging around in the galley
“Do I come to your office to do yoga and hang around?!” – Facebook user Nia Monet

Complaining about connection times when the current flight is on time
“Just stop booking such tight connections!” – Facebook user Diana Hadley

Asking to borrow a pen to fill out forms
“I DON’T have an unlimited supply in my pocket, and no, I won’t give you one; A) because it’s my favourite and B) because I’m required to have it on me at all times.” – Facebook user Lorisa Maxwell

What do you think? Are flight attendants right to get upset about these things? Or are they too precious? What is some of the worst behaviour you have seen on a flight?

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