Toddler’s public poo during flight

A toddler was encouraged by his grandparents to defecate on his plane seat during a flight from Beijing to Detroit. Although fellow passengers and airline staff tried to stop them, the Chinese boy’s parents put newspaper down on his chair, and his grandparents, who were also on board, encouraged the boy to relieve himself where he sat.

One of the passengers, Luolan Gang Wang, told Sina News that the smell wafted through the rest of the cabin, much to the disgust of fellow passengers. A Taiwanese flight attendant has apparently told Radio Free Asia that there is not strictly a law in place to prohibit a child from going to the toilet in his or her seat.

It is worth noting that, while this seems almost unthinkable to many from western countries, there are cultural differences at play here. It is not uncommon in rural areas of China for children to be allowed to go to the bathroom in public, although this is becoming less acceptable in urban middle and upper class areas.

However, many people in China have tweeted about how embarrassing and disgraceful they are finding the incident.

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What do you think? Is this an occasion in which we should keep cultural differences in mind? Or does there come a point where cultural difference is no excuse, especially when travelling internationally?

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