Too old to drive

A research team has developed a car to help keep older drivers on the road.

A research team from Newcastle University in the UK has developed a car designed to help keep older drivers on the road.

The electric car has been turned into a mobile research laboratory. It has been fitted with tracking systems, eye trackers and bio monitors in an attempt to ascertain the most difficult or stressful parts of motoring for older drivers.

Research has long shown that giving up driving is linked to a rapid fall in wellbeing and health, as independence and ties to the local community are lost. The research car, dubbed the ‘DriveLAB’, is being driven by older people with a wide range of abilities. The data collected will then be used to develop in-vehicle technology which will allow older drivers to continue driving longer and more safely than they would have previously. Examples include tailored navigation systems, automatic speed control and night vision systems.

More information
Find out how the ‘DriveLAB’ is keeping older drivers on the road.
Read the TAC’s report on the risks associated with older drivers.

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Should there be an arbitrary cut-off age for drivers? Should drivers over a certain age have to sit a yearly test? Or should we trust our older drivers to self-regulate and hand in their licences when they feel the time is right? Go to Rachel’s blog post Older drivers are overconfident and tell us what you think.


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    2nd May 2012
    You can't just say because a person has reached a certain age he/she should stop
    driving it depends person to person. My father was still driving until he had his car taken from him by my sister nobody blamed her for doing it except him for a short while until h was told by the local policeman that if she hadn't taken his car from him that the police would have done something about it. He thought that he was coping okay it was only the by standers who knew better.

    3rd May 2012
    I've been 50+ behind the wheel and I'm often held up on the road by older/ less able drivers.
    The oldie travelling at 80 in a 100 zone is a bloody nuisence on the road and the other worse pests are young mothers taking the kids to school....let the little bastards walk like I had to.
    6th May 2012
    I have an elderly Mother (almost 89) who lives with me and I am her carer. I have taken note of my Mother's driving skills over the past 10 years and personally I don't feel she should drive any longer. Last July she renewed her driver's licence. I was astounded that it was just renewed without any call for a letter from her Dr of a type of test. She is fairly fit, for her age, but I feel she would be a danger to herself and others if she still had her own car and was driving around. She still tells me every now and again that maybe she should get herself another car. None of my brothers think she should drive and neither do her grown Grandchildren. Therefore in this topic I would suggest tests and health reports should become compulsory for those still licensed to drive over 75years. I also think a S or and E plate is a good idea to advise other drivers that the driver of the car is a senior or elderly, so that consideration will be given to them when they drive, like we make allowances and are patient towards L plate drivers. ( or at least I hope we are ). I am now in my 60's and feel I can comment on this issue without any prejudice.
    Cat Lady
    9th May 2012
    It really depends on the person. I have one elderly friend that I would feel safe to drive accross Australia with, But I have another one that just driving around the corner terrifies me, and there's claw marks in the upholstery from me gripping it! So a whole heap of factors, not just age, come into it.

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