Top 5 slimming style tricks

With summer just around the corner, the warmer weather means it’s time to start shedding those extra layers when it comes to dressing. This is often the time that most women realise they are not looking as fit as they had hoped to be.

Not an advocate of diets myself, there are some tried and tested style tricks, regardless of your weight and shape, that will have you looking slimmer quicker than you can say the word treadmill. For those days when you’re not feeling your best here are five style tips to flatter your figure:

Belt up
Wearing a belt at waist height helps to highlight the smallest part of your frame. A trick that works for women of all shapes and sizes, it’s a great way to fake an hourglass figure.

The v-necks have it
When it comes to necklines, a deep v-neck is the answer. The downwards facing triangle helps to draw the eye down to your waist, again playing on the narrowest part of your frame with the bonus of helping to make your jawline and neck appear slimmer.

Go long
When it comes to outer layers. Wearing a longer outer layer, such as a lightweight jacket, cardigan or vest will lengthen your look making you feel slender and hiding any areas that you may not want to show off.

Pick a colour
And stick with it! By wearing one colour from head to toe you’ll look taller and leaner. Bonus points if it’s black, however white is a great option for summer.

Dare to flare
Not in love with your hips or thighs? A flared skirt or dress draws focus to your waist by nipping in at your smallest point and then flowing out in a flattering way over your curves. This shape also helps to highlight the slimmer area of your legs rather than your thighs or hips.

What is your go to outfit for when you’re feeling frumpy rather than fabulous?

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Written by SJ


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