Turnbull's dual citizenship debacle

In a deal between the Federal Government and Opposition this week, all MPs and senators have until 1 December 2017 to declare and provide evidence they are not dual citizens.

This dual citizenship debacle has been taking up a large portion of air time in parliament over the past month, preventing important legislation changes from being proposed and discussed.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may have his own dual citizenship troubles according to a report today in TheNewDaily, which suggests his Jewish heritage may present a citizenship headache as Israel’s ‘Right of Return’ and Citizenship Law’ allows Jewish descendants to settle and claim citizenship.

Tasmanian independent Jacqui Lambie is awaiting urgent advice from British authorities as to whether she is a dual citizen. If this information is confirmed, Ms Lambie is expected to resign immediately.
*Jacqui Lambie has announced her resignation from Parliament after confirming she holds British citizenship.

Two Lower House MPs have already been claimed in this citizenship saga –  Barnaby Joyce and John Alexander – forcing December by-elections in their seats of New England and Bennelong.

During the week, Malcolm Turnbull lost his twenty-thirdconsecutive Newspoll with Labor leading the Coalition 55–45 on a two-party preferred basis. Mr Turnbull is expected to wait until after the by-election result in Mr Joyce’s seat to then account for a full reshuffle of his team.

What do you think? Should this citizenship saga be wrapped up as soon as possible so that our parliamentarians can focus on legislation?

*Updated 9.40am 14/11/2017

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