V-plates for tourist drivers?

There was once a time when you had a few driving lessons, jumped into a car for your licence test and bam, you had your licence and could hit the road whenever you pleased.

Then came learner’s permits and provisional licences or, as you may know them: L-plates and P-plates. Then we ventured into the era of red Ps and green Ps and if that system wasn’t convoluted enough, one Tasmanian is proposing special plates for out-of-towners in her home state.

Speaking to ABC Hobart, Tasmanian Suzanne Jones shared her bright idea of voluntary V-plates for international tourists or for anyone who feels out of sorts driving on the Apple Isle.

“You often a see a person trying to get across a lane quickly, they’re obviously not knowing where they are going,” said Ms Jones.

“Sometimes we have courteous drivers who will pull back and let them in, other times we have people who aren’t as courteous, and all things can happen.”

Ms Jones has gone as far as designing an easy-to-remove big V sticker with the words ‘courtesy, please’ beneath.

“The plate would be a voluntary identifier and a positive step to ensure the safety of both visiting drivers and locals alike,” she said, and would “alert other drivers to allow a little more space, courtesy and a friendly wave for our visiting drivers who may be distracted when navigating in unfamiliar territory”.

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What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see it proliferate nationwide?

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