Welfare recipients on govt hitlist

Despite the Senate blocking the plan last year, the Federal Government still intends to introduce drug testing of welfare recipients in Logan, south of Brisbane.

While the Government removed the drug-testing component from its Welfare Reform Bill in December, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull intends introducing fresh legislation to put to crossbench senators.

“We will not give up on trying new things to break cycles of welfare dependency and continue our success in moving people from welfare to work,” said Mr Turnbull.

The testing plan initially involves 2500 Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients over a two-year period. Those who fail their drug tests would lose control of their welfare payments.

Those who test positive to ice, marijuana or ecstasy will be retested in a month and have 80 per cent of their welfare quarantined. If follow-up tests are then refused, welfare payments will be suspended.

What do you think? Is it right to suspend welfare payments for those with a drug habit? Are you for or against this trial?

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