What is a Smart Pole?

You may have noticed the Smart Pole popping up around Australia, but what exactly does it provide and how is it making your life safer and easier?

Smart Poles can be optimised to do many different jobs. The poles installed at Darling Harbour in Sydney provide CCTV security for safety and traffic analysis, free wifi connectivity, a speaker system for announcements and remote-controlled, colour-changing signals featuring dimmable energy-saving LED lights.

The installations are already happening in NSW, SA and QLD. The largest collection of Smart Poles so far is emerging in Newcastle, with 50 of them being erected around the inner city, and a further 300 due over the next few years.

“Our poles are a modular system that can be easily adapted to different requirements and incorporate the latest communication and energy-saving lighting technologies,” said Newcastle City Council Interim chief executive Jeremy Bath. “All the lighting can be controlled on a desktop with Google Maps and you can dim them in the middle of the night to save energy. We’ll be able to add environmental sensors, smart parking systems and electric-vehicle charging stations later on.”

What do you think? Will you feel safer knowing Smart Poles are installed in your city to provide a safer environment and to alert you to any imminent dangers?

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Written by Drew

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