What is Expedition 196?

A month ago we wrote about Cassie DePecol’s extraordinary feat – visiting all 196 sovereign nations of the world – in just under 19 months (not to mention at the young age of 27!). Cassie was not only the first woman to do so, but also the fastest person to complete the colossal journey.

In this video of the week, you can hear Cassie share her experience as a solo female traveller and how she found more challenging destinations, including Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria. The footage from her travels provides a snapshot of countries far different from our own and those to which most of us travel.

From her intense experiences in Afghanistan and Syria, to shaking the hand of a North Korean soldier while being told “we’re going to destroy your country”, Cassie certainly encountered a lot during her journey.

While Cassie’s accomplishment is further proof that women are just as capable as men, what is most admirable in my opinion is her sense of adventure and respect for different countries’ customs and traditions.

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Written by Lucy


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