What is Fetch TV?

Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could record live TV, use streaming services and watch pay TV with just one set-top box? Well Fetch TV might just be the solution.

Watching TV isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Instead of just free-to-air options, there is now pay TV, streaming services, rewinding and recording, catch-up TV, online rentals and more. Keeping track of these different services can be a nightmare – Fetch TV gathers all of these features and squeezes them into one set-top box and one remote control.

Fetch TV is a paid subscription service with different tiers that vary depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Starter Pack offers you:

    • TV recording
    • TV shows and movies available for digital rental or purchase
    • catch-up TV
    • the ability to use streaming apps such as Netflix, Stan and Presto
    • watch content on your smartphone or tablets
    • 30 free movies to watch each month.

On top of the Starter Pack, you can add on pay TV packs, which range between $2 and $50 per month. The Entertainment Pack includes more than 30 of the most popular Pay TV channels for $15 per month.

Fetch TV is available from retailers such as Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi in two different versions: the Mini and the Mighty, which retail for $149 and $399, respectively. The biggest difference between the two devices is that the Mini doesn’t support TV recording.

Certain ISPs also offer unique plans and pricing with the service.

Visit Fetch TV to learn more.

Do you subscribe to pay TV or streaming services? Will you consider Fetch TV? 

Written by ryanbo


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