What not to do at airport security

Having to pass through numerous security checks is sadly a necessary evil in this day and age of air travel. If you are prepared and follow our advice on what not to do, you should be able to breeze through with a minimum of fuss.

  • Have your boarding pass and ID (for domestic flights) or passport (for international flights) in your hand as you pass through security.
  • Take your belt, watch and jacket off before you walk through the scanner. Empty your pockets of any loose change, mobile phones and iPods.
  • For international flights, do not carry more than 100ml (or 100g) of liquid, aerosol or gel products (such as toiletries) in your hand luggage. Make sure that they are sealed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag such as a sandwich or freezer bag.
  • Keep these items near the top of your bag or in a side pocket so they are easily accessible if security staff need to check it.
  • Remove your laptop or iPad from your hand luggage before passing through the security scanner.
  • Refrain from giving the security staff a hard time, the more you argue, the longer you (and your fellow travelers) will be held up in the queue.
  • Lastly, this may seem obvious – but cracking jokes about national security or bombs is not likely to be taken in good humour by security staff!

Have you ever had any troubles getting through security at the airport? Do you have any suggestions or tips to offer other travellers?

Written by Andrea


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