What your body language reveals

US President Donald Trump has no doubt delighted body language experts who rarely see in world leaders the flamboyancy he displays. In one highly analysed piece of footage – where he shoves his way to the front of a group of world leaders – he appears to have displayed everything from aggression to meekness, the experts surmised.

One described his go-to pose, where he leans his head back and juts his jaw out, as showing the arrogance of someone looking down on others. No wonder he elicits strong reactions from those watching him.

Have you ever been bewildered by a person’s reaction to you while you speak? Is it possible that your body language is sending the wrong (or right) signal? Here are five body language signs that may be revealing more about you than you want to show:

  • Slouching: rolling your shoulders inwards can indicate that you are stressed or sad. Improving your posture signals you have a positive outlook
  • Touching your face: some people might think you are being flirtatious when you touch your face or twirl your hair as you talk. It is seen as a sign that you want to attract attention
  • Gesturing: body language experts say that using your hands while you speak can make your listeners more easily retain the message you are delivering. But gesturing wildly will make you seem out of control
  • Tight lipped: if you tend to purse your lips, someone who understands body language may conclude that you do not speak truthfully. They say liars are more likely to have this habit
  • Personal space: if you lean too far away from someone trying to engage with you, you may come across as not so trustworthy. People who lean in to others are considered more reliable. 

Can you read other people’s body language? Have you ever been wrongly accused of something because of your body language?

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Written by Olga Galacho


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