When cool really was cool

When you look around, what do you see that you can truly call ‘cool’?

Is it the rolled-up pant cuffs, or the bloody great holes in people’s ears? Or how about the myriad tattoos on the arms, legs, necks and heads all over boys and girls both young and old?

Or maybe it’s that current trend where you only ever get to see the top of someone’s head because their eyes are glued to a smartphone screen.

Now, that’s not to say that none of those things are cool. Each to their own, really. And, let’s face it, if you look back over the years, you’ll pick up on a plethora of pretty awful fads and fashion trends that we all wish never happened. Or not. As I said: each to their own.

But there are some trends and styles that stood the test of time, such as these 15 fine examples of real cool.

Cary Grant just being ‘cool’ Cary Grant in the 50s

High-fashion hippy chicks in 1969


When it was cool (and compulsory) that you knew how to dance in the 50s

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Paul Newman proving that cool can be timeless


Even the Queen and Prince Phillip were cool, watching the fillies in the 60s


Skating in a three-piece suit in 1937


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The 1940’s version of texting


Gangster cool – chic children in Chicago, 1941

Skateboarding was cool then and is now, but not done with as much style as freestyle skateboarding champ, Ellen O’Neal


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“Hold the ice,” says Old Blue Eyes. “I’m cool enough.”

Wow, just wow … Sophia Loren: talented, stunning and cool. She’s the only actress to have won an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Award.


No need to show it all, just show it off!


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Dating in the 50s

Stylish London couple in 1963

The lads might not exactly cut it, but that hotted up buggy sure does!

How do you remember ‘cool’? Do you think we’ve lost the art of cool, or is it a generational preference? Considering how everything always comes around again, do you think we’ll ever see this kind of cool again?

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