Where YLC members holiday

Holidays are a vital component of retirement, with over 80 per cent of YourLifeChoices members taking at least one holiday a year.

In the recent Insights Survey, just 19 per cent of respondents said that they would not be taking a holiday this year, while 40 per cent planned on taking one holiday, 27 per cent planned on taking two, 8.5 per cent planned on three holidays, while five per cent planned on taking four or more.

According to the Insights Survey, 71 per cent of members were planning on travelling within Australia in the next 12 months, while 48 per cent were planning on travelling internationally in the same time frame.

Of those who were planning to travel overseas in the next 12 months, there was a clear winner in terms of the number one destination, and that was New Zealand.

Around 10 per cent of those going overseas planned to head across the ditch to visit our neighbours in the Shaky Isles.

While New Zealand was No.1 on the list for both males and females, there was a genuine gender difference in the rest of the top five.

Canada came in as the second most popular destination for women (4.5 per cent), while Thailand (four per cent) was second most popular for men, yet did not feature in the top five destinations for women.

Canada was only marginally behind Thailand in third place for men, while England was the third most popular destination for women. Japan was the fourth most popular destination for women, yet didn’t feature in the top five most popular destinations for men.

Top five destinations for women
1. New Zealand (10 per cent)
2. Canada (4.5 per cent)
3. England (3.5 per cent)
4. Japan (3 per cent)
5. Singapore (3 per cent)

Top five destinations for men
1. New Zealand (10 per cent)
2. Thailand (4 per cent)
3. Canada (4 per cent)
4. Singapore (3.5 per cent)
5. England (3.5 per cent)

Why do you think New Zealand is so popular? Have you visited New Zealand? Would you recommend it?

Written by Ben


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