The benefits of turning off your device

All devices have a limited lifespan but here’s how to maximise yours.

Why you must turn off your device

Every device, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, has a limited lifespan. You may be shortening the lifespan of your devices without even knowing it.

Leaving your device on can have a positive or negative effect. We explain what you need to know about different devices.

Computers and laptops
Leaving your computer on when not in use will not only waste power but also make you more vulnerable to hackers and power surges. Furthermore, it will decrease the lifespan of your computer as the components are still working while not in use. You can save hundreds of dollars and increase the lifespan of your computer by simply switching it off. 

Smartphones and tablets
A low number of tablet-users turn off their device on a regular basis. This is even more true for smartphones. Both of these devices benefit from regular resets, as applications continue to run in the background despite no longer being used.

Batteries on both of these devices will degrade over time with usage, so turning off your device can increase its lifespan.

Do you have a trick or tip to increase the lifespan of your devices?



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    6th Mar 2018
    I put my laptop into Sleep mode, because if I switch it off, it takes ages to boot up.
    7th Mar 2018
    The more regularly you switch it off the less time it will take to boot. Microsoft loves to update regularly and do security scans.
    However if you have a Mac ....yes it sure does take forever! I think it must need a coffee before doing any work.

    6th Mar 2018
    I switch everything off at the power switch the price of electricity is ridiculous.
    7th Mar 2018
    ...and the house isn't a glow with charger and power down lights. My lounge and kitchen look like Christmas with fairy lights everywhere.
    6th Mar 2018
    I need to restart mine a fair bit. There are updates or something that happens, that leaves the modem not recognizing the computer IP address.
    A restart fixes it, but on windows 10 it took me ages to find the restart command. Its in the on/off command selection that says "power"and gives options.
    I had to take the laptop to a computer guy with a fixed minimum price before I got it sorted.
    6th Mar 2018
    Are you telling me Charlie that you actually paid someone to turn your computer off for you because you yourself didn't know how to turn it off?

    Dr. Google knows absolutely everything and a quick search there returned over 2.5M answers and the first 4 on the list gave very clear and simple instructions as to how to do it.

    I "Google" everything ... even simple things like if I'm not sure how to spell a word .. Google knows.
    6th Mar 2018
    Dr Google is our friend...
    6th Mar 2018
    How did we ever get through school without Google ... or computers, tablets and mobile phones.

    We must have been severely restricted in everything, but we had a lot of fun outside in the fresh air.
    6th Mar 2018
    I didn't get as mobile phone until my elderly Mum had to be taken to hospital a few times. Several times when I left I was asked how I could be contacted, My reply was when I get home. Next question was haven't you got a mobile phone. She wasn't in a serious condition otherwise I wouldn't have left the hospital. In the end it was easier to get a basic one that have so may hassles.
    SALOS Dave
    6th Mar 2018
    As I understand it, the jury is still out on whether computers should be turned off as the power surge when turning it on and off also causes damage. As for dealing with updates, it pays to do a restart (which does not actually turn the power off) regularly overcomes many of these problems.
    Another issue is that, especially with Windows 10, it pays to leave the computer on for a few hours regularly. I have friends who caused problems because updates were incompletely downloaded, slowing the computer and stopping their operation. I took them home, left them on for a couple of hours and all of a sudden they started working.
    7th Mar 2018
    Salvos Dave I worked with computers and I live in a thunderstorm district. Switch them off. The jury made a decision a long time ago. Storms fry the modems and send nasty charges through the electricity lines.
    Laptops and smart phone batteries may catch fire and they don't just chose a time when you are awake.
    PC components will eventually overheat and die however with trip fuses in your home's power box they are not likely to cause a fire.
    The only reason we left the computers on at work was because they did a full simulation over night to clean the garbage off the machines. They do power down but it really does seem like such a waste of electricity - just as leaving all the lights on does too.
    SALOS Dave
    7th May 2018
    Sorry Rosret, I taught IT for 20 years and managed networks for most of that time , and can't agree. Switching off in a thunderstorm district does no good unless you actually disconnect everything from power and phone lines.
    7th Mar 2018
    I used to turn my desktop computer off at the wall switch when finished but since the NBN connection my landline phone is connected to the modem so I have to leave it on if I want to phone on.

    7th May 2018
    Wow, I've never thought about this risk. I often write without interruption fordissertation services. Moreover, I always forget to switch it off.

    11th Aug 2020
    I recommend the information from this article. I recently had a story, the computer turned off and I could not pick up my bonus here, because the game turned off with it. Be careful not to miss out on something valuable :)

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