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I read a lot each day. I read documents at work, and pieces on my favourite websites, I read most of what arrives in my inbox, but it takes a lot to get me to pay attention long enough to read a full article.

However, when I saw the Collective’s coverage of Lara Miller I couldn’t help but be both touched and blown away. If, like me, you haven’t heard of Lara, she’s Australian and goes by the name @lovewalkeatsee on Instagram.

Far from any other ordinary travel photographer, Lara sadly suffers from Usher syndrome, which has caused both her sight and hearing to deteriorate since she was a teenager. Rather than dwelling on this, Lara and her husband set out on a six-month sabbatical last September across Europe and the UK, capturing the world before her vision disappears completely.

Talking to Collective, Lara said of her photos, “for me it’s about enjoying all the little things rather than focusing on what I don’t see or I don’t hear and trying to just take in the small joys along the way.”

An inspirational attitude that we should all try and aspire to in our own lives and travels, if you explore the world through one travel photographer make it Lara.

Click NEXT to see more photos.

Read the full interview with Lara on Collective Hub.

Check out some of Lara’s images from @lovewalkeatsee below and tell us which is your favourite and why.

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