Wildlife with a difference

Photography can be many things, namely incredible and thought provoking. It’s not often that it’s also considered funny – particularly when you get to the category of wildlife. That is exactly what the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is though.

Created from a passion for conservation, the awards are a result of a need for a photography competition that was light-hearted and unpretentious and more importantly, to support Born Free Foundation – an international wildlife charity.

With the 2016 competition now closed, the judges have selected 40 of the best photos from over 2000 submissions this year. While the winner is yet to be announced, they will receive photography equipment from Nikon and have the opportunity to join a one-week safari in Kenya.

Take a look at some of the shortlisted submissions below and tell us which one you think deserves to win. Animals really do make the world a better place.

comedy wildlife photography awards 

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Read more about the competition at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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