Will any legislation now pass?

With the resignation of Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party (PUP), what chance does the Government now have of passing any legislation? 

It has been in the pipeline for some time and today the Palmer United Party has one fewer senator, and Clive Palmer considerably less power. The war of words between Palmer and Lambie has reached epic proportions; culminating yesterday with Mr Palmer claiming Jacquie Lambie was a ‘plant’. “When you start a new party like our party, the established parties and others try to wreck it,” Palmer said. “She’s been sent in there by someone to cause trouble and I think that’s the reality of it.”

Senator Lambie has vowed to continue as an independent senator and to vote down any government legislation until a fairer pay deal for defence force personnel is struck. Asked whether or not she will join another party, Ms Lambie’s response was clear, “Once bitten twice shy… I think I’ll do better on my own two feet”.

What Senator Lambie’s resignation means for the government is simple. It now must get six of the eight crossbenchers on side before bills opposed by Labor and the Greens can pass. So, can any legislation now pass the Senate? Use The Guardian’s ‘Can it pass the senate interactive Australian voting calculator’ to find out for yourself.

Was Jacqui Lambie right to resign from the Palmer United Party? Does she have any hope of making a go of being an independent senator?