Will he or won’t he?

Malcolm Turnbull has been announced as a panellist on Q&A next week. The announcement comes from the ABC, despite the Government banning its ministers to appear on the program until the outcome of a review into the show has been finalised.

Asked yesterday whether he would appear on the show, the Communications Minister said, “Well, we’ll see what the position is next Monday, but really I have nothing more to say about Q&A. There has perhaps been too much said about it already.”

However, the ABC is still promoting Mr Turnbull’s proposed appearance on next week’s episode, despite no guarantee that he will appear on the show.

Last week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has decreed that his frontbenchers boycott Q&A whilst an independent review is being conducted, banned Barnaby Joyce from appearing on the show, in a move deemed by his own ministers as “over-reaching”.

And whilst, at this stage, Mr Turnbull’s appearance is still only speculation, it is believed he will withdraw if Mr Abbott makes a formal request, because, according to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Turnbull does not want the issue to become a power struggle between the two.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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